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Location: Elan Valley, Rhayader, Mid Wales. (340 m)      by: Paul Chater
Area: United Kingdom      Date: 15.07.2012
This is the top dam on the River Elan. These waters supply Britian\'s second largest City of Birmingham.

CANON 7D 18mm lens 1/200sec f8.0 ISO100


A beautiful landscape where the brick dam perfectly fits into it - if it is of bricks. When I read "Rhayader" I immediately got reminded by the great album (Snow Goose) from the group Camel with the songs "Rhayader" and "Rhayader goes to Town". It certainly has nothing to do with it, doesn't it ? Maybe just an alter ego.

Pano: Could you eventually add a bit more sharpness ? Greetings HJ.
2012/11/07 21:16 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
I think your panos are a little to be improved technically, but I like a lot your points of view.
2012/11/08 00:05 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Thanks for comments,
There are six dams in the region and five of these are built from local stone dating back to 1903.
I do remember the group Camel from the mid 70's, but I don't know whether they had any connection to the local town of Rhayader.
I take your point regarding sharpness, The image at full size is detailed and sharp. When I use PSE 9 to reduce to 500 pixels high; the end result is soft. Using auto sharpen; this produces noise to the image. I'm new to digital photography and Photoshop so any advice is welcome.
2012/11/08 10:47 , Paul Chater
Beautiful colors and motif. To sharpen and scale You can use IrfanView.

@ Hans-Jürgen, Snow Goose ist eine schöne Erinnerung an die 70er, als es in der Rockmusik noch richtige "Werke" mit langen Instrumentalsoli gab.
LG Fried
2012/11/08 13:17 , Friedemann Dittrich
@Friedemann. yeah, good progressive rock !

I see improvements in sharpening but some parts still look a bit blocky. I think the algorithm in PSE is not as good as with other tools. Like Friedemann said, try out GIMP (by scaling the pano in mulitple chunks) or IrfanView (scaling inclusive sharpening). Ideally have the original picture as large as possible.

Interestingly the cars are parking on the right hand side - should say the right side :-D.

Greetings HJ
2012/11/08 13:28 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Appreciate advice, I will review GIMP and IrfanView. I am also looking to upgrade to Photoshop CS because PSE9 is limited to 30,000 pixels.
Yes, my wife did park on the wrong side of the road. We british are always trying to do things differently. Many thanks.
2012/11/09 14:42 , Paul Chater
Good Work!
2012/11/11 13:23 , Sebastian Becher

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