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1 Unreachable saddle, 5090 GPS
2 Santa Cruz Norte, 5829
3 Santa Cruz Chico, 5800
4 Santa Cruz / Pucaraju, 6241
5 Yuraccocha, 4650
6 5290
7 Cordillera Negra
8 Quebrada Ragranco


Location: Moraine (4713 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 18-07-2019
The westernmost add-on to the Alpamayo trek leads into the Quebrada Ragranco, hosting Laguna Yuraccocha within a remarkable circle of mountains. The most outstanding one is Nevado Pucaraju, or Santa Cruz, with its satellites, Santa Cruz Chico and Santa Cruz Norte.
I shot this pano with the precise aim to record a big error: namely, at the W end of the lake I was so attracted by the big boulder protruding from the moraine, that I decided to reach it, only to find out that the terrain was truly a hell. Going on in that error, I decided to point what I later dubbed as the "unreachable saddle", 5090 m, W of the Santa Cruz Norte, much longer to reach than it seemed from below, and on even trickier terrain. I was shocked later to learn from the Alpenvereinskarte that the elementary summit south of the laguna was no less than 5290 m, such that it would have provided maybe superior views at a definitely lower price.
In any case, the views from the boulder and from the "unreachable saddle" were not trivial ones...

Location: -8.88264 -77.73309


so you didn´t reach the saddle p.5090? looks really far away from the current location. but even this side trip seems to have been worth it.
2019/11/25 19:21 , Michael Strasser
Un posto magnifico di cui ignoravo l'esistenza.
2019/11/25 19:55 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Truly spectacular, and wildly remote, as always... Cheers, Martin
2019/11/25 20:03 , Martin Kraus
The cloud formations are the icing on the cake of this fantastic panorama! The mountain opposite the lagoon - without altitude label - seems to be easily reachable from this perspective and should also be an interesting viewpoint !!?

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2019/11/25 20:47 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Michael: no, I reached the saddle. I put into the queue this pano, showing Cullicocha and Rajucocha on the north side, and Yuraccocha on the south side.

HJBäu: I am trying to evaluate that mountain on a preview of the "inaccessible saddle", see Alpen 25711. I would rate it at 5100-5150 m.
What a pity that I could not reach the granite head in front of me - but it seems more accessible now in the preview that there in the reality. Unfortunately, as you can guess from the shadows, it was simply too late do dare further experiments. These exploration days would need 36 hours instead of only 24!
PS: the topic "Pucaraju and clouds" is very well developed, also in black and white, in the album that you can access with the link provided.
2019/11/26 01:00 , Pedrotti Alberto
I'm speechless...
2019/11/26 17:00 , Werner Schelberger

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