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1 Khardung La, 5370
2 Tsemo gompa
3 Indus valley
4 Market Road
5 Stok Kangri, 6170
6 Jemaa Meshid
7 Shanti Stupa


Location: Roof of the palace (3600 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: India      Date: 16-08-2015
Being now totally confused by the huge queue of waiting Ladakh panoramas, I follow the easy choice of starting from the most obvious subject, namely, the palace dominating the capital city of Leh.
This was build by Semgge Namgyal, the "Lion King", the greatest of all Ladakhi kings, who reigned since 1616 until 1644. The guidebook that I bought in Leh, complete and concise at one time, describes it as follows:
"Leh palace situated above the old town, is truly an awesome building that dominates the skyline for miles around. Constructed using traditional Ladakhi methods, with dried mud-bricks constituting the upper levels, and the lower levels constructed on a natural plinth of stone using rammed earth, stone and timber. You will notice that the walls of the palace slope inwards. This was done to add strength to the structure".
Remarkable, in the interior, is the traditional room with guardian deities, where one finds a fresco which is traditionally believed to portray Sengge:



A very special view.
2016/02/18 22:13 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Highly interesting. Surprisingly small place. And surprisingly many trees for the altitude. Looking forward to what you have in the queue. Cheers, Martin
2016/02/28 10:04 , Martin Kraus
Martin: let us say that in the immediate surroungins of Leh you find more trees than elsewhere in Ladakh. For the balance between woods and desert the best document is perhaps, which will not find place here.
Particularly pleasant are the poplars, typically in the vicinity of some gompa:
2016/02/29 20:24 , Pedrotti Alberto
Great view! When I was there the roof of the palace was closed because of renovation.
2016/04/08 23:52 , Wolfgang Schmähling

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Pedrotti Alberto

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