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The most inaccessible place I've ever been   infamous Nanga La, a high pass bordering Nepal and Tibet (Nepal)

  - 2013/08/13 - David Von Oheimb
Admiring the Annapurna range at sunset from Poon Hill   Poon Hill, southern Annapurna circuit (Nepal)

  - 2013/08/08 - David Von Oheimb
Heli Hase - oder: ein Unbekanntes Fell-Objekt   Enningalm bei Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Germany)

  - 2011/04/23 - David Von Oheimb
A gleam of light in the Carpathians   Retezat area (Romania)

  - 2010/10/09 - David Von Oheimb
Moonrise above Mount Everest - 272° x 39° view from Gokyo Ri   Gokyo Ri, Solukhumbu, Nepal (Nepal)

  - 2010/01/14 - David Von Oheimb