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1 Malchin, 4027
2 Sheveed Uul, 3370
3 Tsagaan Gol (White River valley)
4 Base camp, 3150
5 Pano N.10491
6 Potanina glacier
7 Alexandroff glacier
8 Burged, 4068
9 Naran, 3885
10 4162
11 Huithen, 4371
12 4192
13 3828
14 Triple point MON-CHI-RUS, 4082
15 Nairamdal, 4117
16 Border ridge MNG-RUS
17 Malchina, 3910
18 Ukok plateau


Location: Malchin (4027 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 21-08-2011
For the Malchin, see N. 8227, where I explain the story by which I touched this summit six times. This picture belongs to the first of the six, and is taken in the late afternoon.
The 15 shots come from the Canon Powershot G9. Namely, the reflex was left at the camp, since I had set off under a light rain, and without any hope to see some blue before night - let alone to enjoy the summit in this particular light.
The sun has not made me a good service in its own frame, with that dull, rounded halo - but one cannot ask too much, and actually, given the day, it was generous enough from him to show up...
Panoramio version:


...von so weit her!
Gruss Walter
2012/03/30 09:51 , Walter Schmidt
Splendid! Looking at the moraine I should say that glaciers in the Altai mountains are receding too.
2012/03/30 10:09 , Wilfried Malz
2012/03/30 19:53 , Arno Bruckardt
2012/03/30 20:27 , Giuseppe Marzulli
absolutely breathtaking! What a stunning view!

Hope to see this at the TOP10!! fantastic! greetings Seb
2012/03/31 17:23 , Sebastian Becher
Hello Alberto. The panos from here just gets wilder and wilder...Best regards Jan.
2012/03/31 17:46 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Davvero spettacolare questa panoramica, la luce e sopratutto questo incredibile ghiacciaio.
cari saluti Patrick!
2012/04/02 07:14 , Patrick Runggaldier
What a great wilde place and view! This wonderful panorama gives me sense of complete freedom also due to the warm colors of the late afternoon. Your effort was reward!
2013/11/14 13:58 , Edoardo Martelli
Yes, perhaps with right you speak of a sense of freedom. Personally, the moment when I felt this in full strength was while shooting the nearby N.9762, where in the far SW I can even imagine you climbing meanwhile in the Tien Shan...
It is funny when I think that the far Malchin is the 4000m mountain that I summited more times - five, with the silver medal Gran Paradiso "stuck" only at three!
Please do not draw the attention of serious and thoughtful mountaineers to any of these panoramas: the one from Malchin is shot at 6 pm, the one from Nairamdal at 4.30 pm, both times in total loneliness!!
2013/11/14 14:58 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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