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1 Direction Salar de Uyuni
2 Ruta Intersalares
3 Salar de Coipasa (hidden)


Location: Challacollo (3600 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Bolivia      Date: 15-08-2009
A typical Bolivian pueblo, Challacollo appears suddenly behind a little hill when one travels from the Salar de Uyuni towards the Salar de Coipasa on the Ruta Intersalares.
The time here is suspended, especially in those rare days when the wind is at rest: the force that it owns in these places is witnessed by the amount of sand pushed on the flanks of the hill.
I like the little churches of the pueblos, with their very basic Spanish colonial architecture. Do not expect to find a perfectly horizontal or vertical line within their walls! For another example of the same kind, see N. 6150, which is my favourite among the panoramas that I have loaded on this site. This is why I wanted to return on the topic...
Eight photos with Canon Powershot G9.
Panoramio version:


The character of this place stands clearly out. KR Wilfried
2012/03/30 10:06 , Wilfried Malz
Für die wunderbare Information aus fernen Ländern!
Die gekonnte Ausführung erhöhen noch die Freude!
Gruss Walter
2012/03/30 12:18 , Walter Schmidt

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Pedrotti Alberto

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