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1 Kurgan site
2 Bairam Davaa
3 Mongon Uul (Russia), 3970
4 Tsagaan Shuvuut Uul, 3496
5 Uureg Nuur
6 N.8261
7 DIrection Ulaan Davaa - Ulaangom


Location: Uureg Nuur (1500 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 15-08-2011
Same location as N.8261.
Same angle (360°) and number of shots (21) as there.
On the other hand, same quotation as in N.8227 - I mean, drawn from the same book. This is because eight km away from the lake, on the road to the Bairam Davaa (=pass), there is a rich site of "kurgany" - the typical Central Asian tumuli marking important burial places.
"Two and a half millennia ago Herodotus described the Scythian royal burials in intimate detail, from the forty-day funerary journey around the dead king's dominion to the narcotic vapour-tents where the mourners howled with joy. [...] Beside the king lay strangled members of his household, with a dead concubine and many horses. Around his kurgan rode an eerie cavalry, fifty strong: its horses and men had been disembowelled and impaled on stakes and wheels, their feet and hooves never touching the ground.
[...] The rain which seeped down into the crypts, or coursed along the passage left by contemporary robbers (who took only gold), froze in the cold rooms, and sealed them under a lens of ice. [...] Experts could tell the season of burial by the contents of the horses' intestines [...] they could diagnose osteoporosis and toothache in the humans, and count their battle-wounds."
Today, luckily, nothing in this peaceful place leads to imagine stories like these...
Larger version:


Ciao Alberto. A me piaciono le panoramiche che trasmettono emozioni. E questa me ne trasmette tante.
2012/01/04 00:16 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Grazie dell'apprezzamento, è senza paragone il migliore che uno possa sentire!

P.S.: io intanto compiango la scomparsa del tuo Pollino che mi volevo studiare attentamente perché 1) è dirimpettaio di un mio panorama; 2) anche tu sarai arrivato lí da Colle dell'Impiso come il sottoscritto e come questi signori a Capodanno:
2012/01/04 01:27 , Pedrotti Alberto
Very fascinating and impressive, thanks for showing us these exotic places of the world!
2012/01/04 07:40 , Jens Vischer
beautiful Landscape Alberto! Cari saluti Seb
2012/01/05 18:51 , Sebastian Becher
Hello Pedrotti, and thanks for the view! Best regards Jan.
2012/01/05 21:02 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Thanks to everybody. Meanwhile, having discovered a little discontinuity on a far ridge, I have reworked and reloaded the photo, also slightly deepening the shadows.
2012/01/06 15:34 , Pedrotti Alberto
Great. LG Robert
2012/01/06 19:39 , Robert Viehl
Fascinating scenery in a strange light. Thanks for sharing these moments with us. Are the orange tents local or is this a foreign expedition? Cheers, Martin
2012/01/08 20:40 , Martin Kraus
They are tourists, without any doubt. Mongolian people only use their white, cylindrical felt tents (gers).
Incidentally: it seems that the Mongolian ger is becoming fashionable also in Europe, especially in the Alps...
2012/01/10 00:23 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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