En las orillas del Baker   0219
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Location: Road to Caleta Tortel (20 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Chile      Date: 09-03-2014
"En las orillas del Baker,
donde cantan las grandes corrientes".
Long time ago, in N.31711, I had promised an illustration of these verses by Pablo Neruda.
Who actually did never travel so far (we are here at -47.78) since, seemingly, the southernmost point that he visited in his homeland was Chile Chico (-46.54).
But, as one knows, one's pen can reach much farther than one's feet!
And now, in those rainy weeks of 2024, it is pleasant even for whom is not a poet to recall the rainy days of 2014 in Patagonia.
Position: -47.78170 -73.38672


Pedrotti Alberto

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