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1 Arnólfsfjall
2 Grjótskálahorn 845 m, 20 km


Location: Dynjandisheiði (350 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Iceland      Date: 2022-07-04, 10:55
Another spontaneous viewpoint. Driving from the last pano location, we were most of the times in the clouds, so when we descented and this view to Borgarfjörður emerged, I had to stop.

Pano made from 25 HF pics (RAW), 50 mm, iso-1265, f/8, 1/320 sec, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, moderate sharpness), stitched in PTGui pro, scaling and sharpening in Irfanview.


The Vestfjarðavegur seems to be a scenic dust road.
Very nice views!
2022/12/01 09:30 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
I Know the frustrating feeling driving through what must be gorgeous landscape without seeing much. But interruptions like this make up for it. Cheers, Martin
2022/12/02 21:18 , Martin Kraus

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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