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1 Femø, 45 km
2 Ørslev Kirke, 17 km
3 Femø, 45 km
4 Lilleø, 52 km
5 Fårdrup Kirke, 6 km
6 Eggeslevmagle Kirke, 9 km
7 Gerlev Kirke, 2 km
8 Fejø, 48 km
9 Vejrø, 38 km
10 Smålandshavet
11 Vejrø, 38 km
12 Kragenæs, Lolland, 50 km
13 Magleby Kirke, 15
14 Lolland, 48 km
15 Lolland, 52 km
16 Stigsnæsværket, 19 km
17 Lolland, 55 km
18 Agersø, 22 km
19 Omø, 26 km
20 Boeslunde Kirke, 9 km
21 Agersø, 19 km
22 Langeland, 55 km
23 Egholm, 17 km
24 Hemmeshøj Kirke, 4 km
25 Frankeklit (Langeland), 35 km
26 Thurø, 54 km
27 Fyn, 50 km


Location: Hashøj (93 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2015-06-09, 20:04.
When looking at a map of Sjælland, it can be noted that there is a sharp southwestern corner on the island, between the cities Korsør and Næstved. It is this direction the panorama covers. In the southern direction, the view goes across the water to Femø. In the southwest, the defunct powerplant Stignæsværket, and the islands of Langeland, Agersø, and Omø can be seen.

Pano made from 44 pics (RAW), 300 mm, iso-400, f/7,1, 1/640 sec, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, moderate sharpness, ALO off), stitched in PTGui pro, scaling and sharpening in Irfanview.


Store Bælt, Lille Bælt, Samsø Bælt but why Øresund and not Ørebælt ? :-)
2022/07/27 10:16 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
@HJB1, actually only Storebælt and Lillebælt are "true" Bælts, every other Bælt is derived from the ending much later. They generally appear wider than a "Sund", which are much more common and widespread in waternames. But Øresund could easily be considered a Bælt. Perhaps they were named from the perspective of Jutland, since Fyn was considered only a smaller Jutland island. Therefore, only straits concerning Fyn and Jutland got the ending. The meaning of "Bælt" is obscure, but likely it is the root of the Latin word Balticus.
2022/07/31 12:22 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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