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1 N.26485
2 Thorungtse, 6481
3 Purbun Himal, 6431
4 Chulu, 6584
5 Annapurna II, 7937
6 Thorung Peak, 6144
7 Taschikang, 6383


Location: Thorung La (5423 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Nepal      Date: 24-05-2019
On the Thorung La I attempted to include in an unique 360° the pass and the frozen lake that may be guessed, hidden, just right of the prayer flags. My attempts were not successful, and this was the best that I could achieve. Luckily, I was successful in another hard task, namely, convincing my sherpa to allow me an escape 200 m higher. Up there, I was able to shoot the much better N.26485, where I got the remarkable addition of Dhaulagiri.
However, I think that for the sake of documentation it is worth to show also the present 360°.

Location: 28.79283 83.93824


Somewhat different scales than Taygetos...
Cheers, Martin
2022/02/08 19:40 , Martin Kraus
Fantastic shot Alberto, just like all your other Himalayas and Andes pictures found on this website. Gives me a wonderful and interesting view on regions which I will surely never experience in real life. A big thank you for that!
2022/02/10 18:46 , Paul V.M.

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Pedrotti Alberto

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