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Location: South of Puerto Eden      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Chile      Date: 09-05-2014
Presently, I am reading (once more) Eric Shipton's autobiography "That untravelled world": mostly Himalaya, for which he is best known, but at a later time also Patagonia.
In 1960, he is in Punta Arenas waiting to be trasported by a Chilean ship to one of the many Pacific fjords, suitable as a start for a north to south traverse of the Hielo Patagonico Sur (HPS). He is waiting for all the gear of the expedition to come by ship from London, but due to a strike the Salaverry (this is the name of the ship) is several weeks late. In spite of this, it seems that it will arrive a couple of days before the departure of the Chilean ship. But then something other happens: a problem is detected in the latter ship, such that its cruise is canceled, and the only vessel due north turns out to be one departing some day earlier: before the expected arrival of the Salaverry!
But at this point Shipton is able to make an incredible arrangement with the captain of the Salaverry: the expedition gear will be located from among the 2000 tons of stuff that the ship is carrying, and disembarked at Puerto Eden, the only harbour and inhabited place on the region north of Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales. See N.20626.
Incredibly, the expedition will take place, and Shipton's party will be able to complete one of the first traversals of the HPS, from its northern end to Estancia Cristina, on the Lago Argentino (see N.23861).
Reading all this, I remembered much more modest adventures of mine, namely, the four-day navigation from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales, done alas in bad weather.
Do not trust too much the title: what you see is only a rescue simulation periodically done by the Navimag crew.

Location: -49.619801 -74.423025


In questo posto "Hinz und Kunz" oppure "Tizio, Caio e Sempronio" non ci arrivano. Per capire, leggi il mio commento del pano 29686.
2021/09/24 23:40 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Very nice mood, with the colourful accent. Glad to read it is only an exercise.

Apropos "Hinz und Kunz".
If this is the main corridor for ships going between Punta Arenas and Puerto Montt, possibly my father (god bless him) went there as well.
2021/09/25 14:39 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Apparently one of the more remote places shown on this site. Cheers, Martin
2021/10/11 19:49 , Martin Kraus

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