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1 Roholtfjellet 1000 m, 5,5 km
2 Mælefjellet 1400 m, 33,8 km
3 Grimaren
4 Godokkfjellet 610 m, 12,1 km
5 Tjorbufjell 1260 m, 32 km
6 Skålbonuten 1200 m, 28,4 km
7 Hestestodnuten 1040 m, 14,5 km
8 Vrådal
9 Mannslagarnuten, 14,9 km
10 Åhomnuten 820 m, 7,3 km
11 Brakandalsfjellet 920 m, 14,9 km
12 Honlinuten 810 m, 10,9 km
13 Kollingan 890 m, 11,8 km
14 Nisser
15 Fjellstøylnuten, 910 m, 9,4 km
16 Tarjeisberg
17 Ruesheia, 25,2 km
18 Bikkjetjørnfjellet 660 m, 26,2 km
19 Storliheia 630 m, 27,2 km
20 Øyfjellhammeren 860 m, 11 km
21 Skyttarnuten, 9,6 km
22 Skornetten 850 m, 19,5 km
23 Fjelløygardsnutane 770 m, 23,1 km
24 Hågfjell 780 m, 28,3 km
25 Valefjell 500 m, 42 km
26 Tor på Nuten 900 m, 26 km
27 Hægefjell 1011 m, 3,7 km


Location: Stemnetten (720 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Norway      Date: 2020-02-13, 15:14
An overview from a clear day on the top of Stemnetten. The fjells to the north are the eyecatchers, but also the lake, Nisser, and the nearby fjell, Hægefjell, are prominent. The rounded forms are a contrast to The Alps; everything here has been worn down by the glaciers of the last ice age.

Pano made from 17 pics (RAW), 70-200@70mm, 1/400 sec, f/9, iso-100, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, moderate sharpness), stitched in PTgui pro, scale, sharpness and contrast in Irfanview.


Ein schönes Bild von einem Skigebiet, das ich irgendwie als Wunschvorstellung vielleicht aus dem Riesengebirge in mir habe.
2020/03/03 22:49 , Heinz Höra
I think you feel relaxed in this ski area compared to crowded areas in the alps. LG Niels
2020/03/04 06:23 , Niels Müller-Warmuth
So richtig viel Schnee scheint es aber auch dort nicht zu haben...
2020/03/04 08:39 , Jens Vischer
As Jens said, there seems to be not much snow in this region as well...still, very nice to look at!
2020/03/04 09:29 , Johannes Ha
Extremely attractive. What a shame that, given the distance from my place to Norway, I'll probably always end up even further north. Cheers, Martin
2020/03/04 20:35 , Martin Kraus
As Jens and Johannes remarks, there aren't really that much snow here. Although this is a relatively dry part of The Fjells, since it is on the lee-side of the prevailing SW-winds, there should have been much more, and the lake Nisser should have been frozen...

As severel notes, it seems like a quiet place, and I guess it is. I haven't stamped any people away, but I did get off a little from the piste. But as said on the first pano, this is a classic dane-area, and so many are at the bottom with their small kids. A few german and dutch words were heard here and there on the piste, so I guess they came for the reasons mentioned by Heinz, Niels, and Martin.
2020/03/06 16:57 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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