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Location: "Laguna Olvidada" (1476 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Argentina      Date: 24-02-2014
The Betrachter might want to guess what is going on here.


A cold bath? BR Jan.
2020/03/03 22:31 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
After a frozen night under the stars I was not in the mood...
2020/03/03 23:16 , Pedrotti Alberto
You were looking for some Patagonian clouds but you did not succeed, so you had to deal with this fantastic sunset with a boring pure blue sky ;-)
2020/03/04 08:47 , Jens Vischer
There´s no ice swimming in the lake, so it can´t be that cold ;-)
2020/03/04 09:25 , Johannes Ha
The sun is rising 
Alberto is holding a camera, his heart jumping by joy, but what else is going on? No wind, not one wave on the lake. No ice on the lake. Hot springs around here? I don't think so. There is no snow either, so it may be normal (in times of climate change) that the lake is not frozen. Colour of the lake is dark, but this is also normal with no glacier in the surroundings. No fish in the lake, may also be normal with a lake that might be frozen down to the ground in winter. No idea, Alberto.
2020/03/04 10:58 , Matthias Knapp
The color of the see is changing depending on the light? LG Niels
2020/03/04 12:04 , Niels Müller-Warmuth
Indeed, the answer is actually that nothing special is going on; this is perhaps in itself special! Namely, the night has finished as quietly as it began, which is by no means guaranteed in these places. The first rays are reaching the rocks, and I am going to shake the ice off my sleeping bag...
2020/03/04 23:43 , Pedrotti Alberto
So kann der Tag beginnen.
2020/03/05 15:11 , Dieter Leimkötter

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