Katerveerdijk IJssel Zwolle (360°)   1778
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Location: Katerveerdijk (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: Netherlands      Date: 17 februari 2020
The Katerveer was a ferry service across the IJssel to the west of Zwolle that connected Overijssel with Gelderland. History goes back to the tenth century. Around 1240 it was a paid ferry service entitled "Cothenveer". Zwolle became the owner of the ferry house and the associated stable in the fifteenth century. The ferry house used to be on the site of the white house on the left (1859) and just before that the road runs to the river.

The old IJssel bridge (center), called Katerveer, is derived from this ferry service. This bridge from 1930 is one of the first bridges in the National Road Plan from 1927. The bridge has a steel center bridge and two concrete bridges with four arch ribs each. The bridge was blown up and rebuilt twice during the Second World War. Characteristic on the old IJssel bridge near Zwolle is the color scheme in green and blue.

The Nieuwe IJsselbrug (right) at Katerveer near Zwolle is a bridge over the IJssel over which the A28 motorway runs. The bridge was opened to traffic on September 29, 1970. The Nieuwe IJsselbrug is a few hundred meters north of the Oude IJsselbrug.

Camera Canon G1 X, 28 mm, 10 shots, landscape


Interesting as always. I would probably have chosen a location nearer to the water to avoid the near tree. But everybody has different composition. Cheers, Martin
2020/02/23 10:34 , Martin Kraus

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Arjan Veldhuis

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