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Location: Havenweg Kampen (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: Netherlands      Date: september 2017
The base of the Kamper Kogge is the Koggewerf. The yard, in one of the most beautiful places in Kampen, houses a carpentry workshop, forge and sewing workshop, an exhibition space with information about the Hanze period and medieval finds, storytelling theater, Koggeshop, fish smoke house, medieval fisherman's house and an attractive tavern with a view over the river. the IJssel.

The Koggewerf is open to the public seven days a week. On the Thursdays a volunteer team is busy with maintenance on the Kamper Kogge and other work on the site. That day, the workshop and also the exhibition space and the Koggeshop are open.

At the wharf, right on the water, there is also a reconstruction of the oldest house in Kampen.
This Brunneper fisherman's cottage, dating from the end of the fourteenth century, has been reconstructed on the Koggewerf, exactly as it happened at that time: with walls of a wickerwork of willows filled with clay, sand and straw and a thatched roof.


Great to see you working on 360° panos. Always a challenge where to set the cut - I wouldn't have cut thorugh the ship, but maybe other options have drawbacks as well. Cheers, Martin
2020/02/07 19:52 , Martin Kraus
Not the easiest motif, for me you have solved it very well, Arjan !! Concerning the cut, I agree with Martin's opinion ;-) ...

Many greetings, Hans-Jörg
2020/02/15 09:24 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Arjan Veldhuis

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