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Location: Oude Buitenhaven Kampen (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: Netherlands      Date: september 2017
The Hanseatic city of Kampen, located at the mouth of the IJssel, owes its existence to the transfer of goods from river vessels to seaworthy vessels. Not coincidentally, the origin of the city coincides with the development of a new ship type, the Kogge.
This 'coastal navigator of the Middle Ages' is the first seaworthy ship from the late Middle Ages (1200-1500) that makes trade relations between the Hanseatic cities possible. Thanks to the Kogge it becomes possible to reach the Baltic Sea by sailing around Denmark. Kampen quickly becomes one of the most important cities in this so-called 'Ommelandvaart' and has played an important role in the Hanze since the 14th century.

To the right of the small houses is the Kogge (of dark brown / black oak), an exact reconstruction of an authentic cog from 1340, which was dug up as a wreck in Flevoland. This sailing ship is still sailing to Scandinavia and several other countries with volunteers.

Kogge data: Cavity, deck - plane: 3.4 m. Weight: 45 tons. Water displacement including ballast: 70 tons. Loading capacity: 60 tons. Sail surface: 144 m2.


Very interesting and well presented - thanks. Cheers, Martin
2020/02/07 19:50 , Martin Kraus
Fine framing and very well presented ... and thanks for your always helpful description !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2020/02/15 09:27 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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