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1 Rocca di Bergamo
2 Colle di San Vigilio (Colli di Bergamo), 496m
3 Aeroporto di Orio al Serio (Bergamo Airport)
4 Chiesa di Fontana
5 Santuario di Sombreno
6 Fiume Brembo
7 Colle di Mozzo
8 MONTE CIMONE, 2165m; 196,5Km
9 Monte Giovo, 1990m
10 Monte Cusna, 2121m; 176,8Km
11 Monte Sillano, 1876m
12 Monte Cavalbianco, 1855m
14 Alpe di Succiso, 2016m
15 Monte Sillara, 1861m
16 Monte Brusa, 1794m
17 Monte Orsaro, 1831m
18 Monte Dosso, 1245m
19 Monte Molinatico, 1550m
20 Monte Pratobello, 1191m
21 Monte Carameto, 1318m
22 Monte Ragola, 1711m
23 Monte Nero, 1758m
24 MONTE MAGGIORASCA, 1809m; 135,5Km
25 Roncalla, 1685m
26 Monte Aserei, 1432m
27 Rocca Borri, 1580m
28 Monte Oramara, 1522m
29 Monte Penice, 1460m
30 Monte Lesima, 1724m
32 Mapello
33 Monte Chiappo, 1700m
34 Monte Ebro, 1701m
35 Cosfrone, 1667m
36 Monte Giarolo, 1473m; 120,7Km
37 Monte Leco, 1072m
38 Monte delle Figne, 1172m
39 Monte Tobbio, 1092m
40 Monte Beigua, 1287m; 167,9Km
41 Monte Galero, 1708m; 216,8Km
42 Monte Armetta, 1739m; 221,9Km
43 Palazzago
44 Monte Antoroto, 2148m
45 Bric di Canoia, 2521m
46 Pizzo d'Ormea, 2476m
48 Monte Mongioie, 2630m
49 Cima della Brignola, 2472m
50 Cima delle Saline, 2612m
51 PUNTA MARGUAREIS, 2651, 230,9Km
52 Mont Bego (F), 251,5 Km
53 Rocca dell'Abisso, 2755m
55 Monte Clapier, 3045m; 249,6Km
56 Monte Gelas, 3143m; 250,8Km
58 CIMA ARGENTERA, 3297m; 250,7Km
59 Monte Matto, 3097m; 249,8Km
60 Albenza
61 Monte Canto, 710m
62 Rocca Meia, 2831m
63 Monte Oronaye (Tête de Moïse), 3104m
64 Monte Chersogno, 3026m
65 Pelvo d'Elva, 3064m
66 Cima delle Lobbie, 3015m
67 Punta Michelis, 3154m
68 MONVISO, 3841m; 229,2Km
69 Punta Gastaldi, 3210m
71 L'Asti, 3287m
72 Crete de la Taillante, 3197m
73 Pic Segure, 2990m
74 Palavas (Tete du Pelvas), 2929m
75 Punta Cialancia, 2855m
76 Montevecchia
77 Monte Orsiera, 2890m
78 Cima Ciantiplagna, 2849m
79 Monte Civrari, 2302m
80 Punta Lunella, 2772m
81 Rocciamelone, 3538m; 203,9Km
82 La Croce Rossa, 3565m
83 Punta d'Arnas (Ouille d'Arbéron), 3554m
84 Pointe de Charbonell, 3752m; 202,9Km
85 La Bessanese, 3592m; 197,4Km
86 Gran Ciamarella, 3676m; 194,7Km
87 L'Albaron, 3640m
89 Levanna Orientale, 3555m
90 Levanna Centrale, 3619m; 190,4Km


Location: Roncola (870 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 4 January 2020
I think that each of us has a favorite panoramic spot. Mine is this.
This place is not far from my home (by car it takes about 20-25 minutes).
From this place it is possible to see the Northern Apennines, the Western Alps, a good part of the Po Valley, as well as the hills of Bergamo and... my home ;-)
The Maritime Alps, with its highest peak, Cima Argentera, are on average 250 km away. The most distant visible mountain is located in France, at over 260 km, but to recognize it, it takes a panorama with greater magnification.
The Apennines, from this area, are closer.
The peak that stands out most of all, as was said in the discussion, is the Monviso, which is 229,2Km away.

8 photos; 70 mm; f6,3; 4 sec.; 160 ISO; with tripod.


Sbaglio, o hai lasciato fuori l'Etna??
2020/01/08 22:11 , Pedrotti Alberto
Ciao Alberto. Tra le altre cose, si vede anche casa mia ;-)
2020/01/08 22:15 , Giuseppe Marzulli
How many lights are there? Anyway Monviso is the highlight.
2020/01/08 22:53 , Jörg Braukmann
I agree with Jörg Braukmann.
LG Jörg
2020/01/08 23:02 , Jörg Nitz
Hi Jörg(s). There are the lights of half of the Po valley ;-)
However I agree, Monviso is the highlight, but also because in this period of the year, in this area, the sun sets behind the Monviso...
2020/01/08 23:13 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Spettacolare ... !!!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2020/01/10 14:59 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
beautifully captured
2020/01/10 21:42 , Benno Pütz
Increadible, must be one of the clearest skies ever over that region.
2020/01/11 00:15 , Mentor Depret
Hi Mentor. There are days with better visibility. In this case the visibility was excellent towards the mountains (in some cases it is even better), but in the background in the plains a vast blanket of fog is visible, in the area near the Po river. Even in the closest plains areas visibility it is good ot very good, but not excellent.
2020/01/11 20:24 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Great stuff!
2020/01/12 17:03 , Martin Kraus

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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