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1 Pumori, 7145
2 Lingtren, 6714
3 Khumbutse, 6665
4 Lho La, 6026
5 SW shoulder, 7268
6 Khumbu Icefall
7 Nuptse, 7861


Location: Unknown (5305 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Nepal      Date: 22-04-2019
It is now time of Advent, Christmas is approaching and so it is also time for our thoughts to get charitable and elevated and, in particular, to go to the poor...
So I thought: where did it happen to me, during the last year, to see the largest gathering of poor people?
Without question, it was at EBC, the Everest Base Camp!
Poverty here is so widespread that yellow or orange tents span a length of no less than 1500 m, as recorded end-to-end by my GPS. Then, consider that each man spending his days in one of these tents, and aiming for the summit of Everest, has paid something like 50.000 euros.
Of course, if your budget is not so limited, you can escape the severe conditions that I am showing you here - after all, I still believe in a certain instructive (either inviting or deterring) value of photography. Namely, you can choose a program where you comfortably acclimatize in your bed at home, inside an hypobaric tent designed to bring you to the conditions of 7100 m. Then, of course, one day you even need to move to Everest to climb it, but this is only a short inconvenience, which by the way can be tempered by an oxygen supply of 8 litres per second.
This is the program that I read on a dépliant in Namrung (a village below the Manaslu), the suggested budget was an indeed affordable 90.000 euro. I find the program now again on the Internet:
Sorry that my panorama can show you only the very beginning of the cheap solution, but I could not afford to go farther than this!!

Posted originally as riddle, solved by the very first commentary.

Larger: http://bit.ly/2syF2Ac
Location: 28.00253 86.85317


Everest basecamp south?
2019/12/02 18:01 , Michael Bodenstedt
Oh my God - this is stunning !!!
2019/12/02 19:37 , Christoph Seger
When you posted this as a riddle, I was immediately praying that there is no second place like EBC. Nevertheless a great pano portrait of this site. Cheers, Martin
2019/12/02 20:54 , Martin Kraus
Really stunning, for better or for worse. In any case, an exceptional documentation.
2019/12/02 23:55 , Giuseppe Marzulli
it is a bit strange that so far nobody talked about what I think is the real center of your comment on the overview. Congratulations for your bitter irony... On a much, much smaller scale, even if only considering the cost of a seasonal, or even worse daily, dolomiti superski ski-pass, mountain is really coming back being a place for "poor people"...

After watching the link you posted I am really scared about the conceit (but italian word "sicumera" is much more effective) of these two "features" or "car accessories":- Helicopter flight to Syangboche (above Namche); - Add Lhotse for only €13990. Only???? I am glad to know that not even in ten lives I'll be able to climb Everest... nor Lhotse.

Ciao, Alvise
2019/12/03 09:04 , Alvise Bonaldo
Massentourismus auf höchstem Niveau.

Sehr beeindruckendes Bild!
2019/12/03 09:20 , Dieter Leimkötter
Von schauriger Schönheit das Ganze.
2019/12/03 10:55 , Heinz Höra
That's the way we treat 
our planet - and one another - in general. :-(
2019/12/03 15:00 , Matthias Knapp
Always higher, always further, always faster.... only the extremes count.
2019/12/03 17:52 , Werner Schelberger
"Downtown Everest ...." !!! A great and very thought-provoking documentary! The sequel of Jon Krakauer's "Into thin air" ...??

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2019/12/08 08:24 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
If you are a fan of "Into Thin Air", this is for you: http://bit.ly/34LnM8i
2019/12/20 22:36 , Pedrotti Alberto

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