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Location: Laguna Maparaju Superior (4614 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 03-07-2019
With this work let me introduce another big topic in the Southern Cordillera Blanca, namely, a valley called Carhuascancha. That it is not so often visited (substantially, because it lies on the "rear" side of the Cordillera) is witnessed by the fact that I could walk here for five days completely alone. The region is incredibly rich in glacial lakes, and the lower Laguna Maparaju is considered the farthest and most pictoresque bowl of water that a trekker can achieve here. Actually, by climbing on granite walls among waterfalls (not difficult, but not trivial as well) I was able to reach also the upper laguna, where I rewarded myself also with a short swim at 4600 metres. The competing Einzelbild will of course be removed later.
Since I was not that happy o descend via the granite wall, I looked for a pass by which I reached the Laguna Tumagarañon, from where I descended to the well established path to Laguna Tumarina.
This was the only point where it seemed feasible to have the mountains and both lagunas in one 360°, which however needs absolutely two rows of shots. The projection does not give the idea of the depth of the Tiefblick onto the lower laguna.
Disclaimer: if any Betracher decides to reach the upper Maparaju, it is intended this is only his own responsibility...


The bathtub, Cooool.
2019/11/10 11:10 , Günter Diez
The extreme opposite of mass tourism, as it seems. Cheers, Martin
2019/11/10 18:49 , Martin Kraus
So pure when the crowd is absent. What was the temperature in the water Alberto?
2019/11/10 20:35 , Mentor Depret
Not very high, to be honest...
2019/11/10 21:36 , Pedrotti Alberto
Alberto, may I ask you if you did these tours all by yourself. The picture of you bathing in the lake looks like you did it with self-timer.
2019/11/10 22:33 , Heinz Höra
Yes, I was alone.
With 10 sec self-timer, you see that I could not go too far...
2019/11/10 22:47 , Pedrotti Alberto
You really don't need a feature on your head with the inscription "be a hero".
2019/11/11 10:33 , Matthias Knapp
that seems to be really fresh!
2019/11/11 19:43 , Benjamin Vogel

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Pedrotti Alberto

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