Alto de Pucaraju   4337
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1 Pucaraju, 5020
2 Chopicalqui, 6356
3 Huaripampa
4 Huascaran Sur, 6768
5 Huascaran Norte, 6605
6 Chacraraju, 6112
7 Nevado Piramide
8 Laguna Piramide
9 Artesonraju, 6025
10 Lagunas Morococha
11 Punta Union, 4780
12 Quitaraju, 6036
13 Rinrijirca, 5810
14 Taulliraju, 5830


Aufnahmestandort: Alto de Pucaraju (4715 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Peru      Datum: 22-07-2019
The first half of the pano shows the valley which is followed in the classical Santa Cruz trek, with start at Yanama or Vaqueria, both on the road to Paso Llanganuco. The high point is at Punta Union, followed by a long descent to Cashapampa.
I was coming the opposite way, namely, from Cashapampa, a solution which is avoided by those who like more the descent than the ascent. I had to return to the bicycle at Pomabamba, which lies noticeably north of Yanama. The solution was to cross the Alto de Pucaraju into the high Lucma valley. Pomabamba is then reached either crossing Tupatupa (4360) or, better, via the ruins of Yayno (N. 26108).
Instead of descending to the (relative) comforts of Quisuar, I camped on the pass, such to enjoy both sunset and sunrise. This is why I have a rather long and varied series of pictures from the Alto de Pucaraju, compensating the bad weather that I had in Punta Unión.
Location: -8.91537 -77.55526


Peru e nuvole! 
Ciao, Alvise
09.10.2019 16:09 , Alvise Bonaldo
Mi pare un bel Nuvolario...
Fosco Maraini approverebbe, anche se non sta dalle sue parti.
09.10.2019 16:48 , Pedrotti Alberto
Thank you very much for answering my question at Pano Mera Peak of 15-04-2019
Greetings, Arjan
11.10.2019 17:44 , Arjan Veldhuis
We are already spoilt by the grand sceneries you show. But there is always more to admire. Cheers, Martin
13.10.2019 20:09 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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