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1 Ninashanca, 5607
2 Rondoy, 5870
3 Jirishanca, 6095
4 Minapata, 4938
5 Yerupaja Chico, 6089
6 El Toro, 5965
7 Mina Mitsui
8 Col Toro, 5750
9 Culobramina, 5122
10 Yerupaja, 6617
11 Yerupaja Sur, 6500
12 Siula Grande, 6344
13 Rasac, 6017
14 Sarapo, 6127
15 Paso Rasac, 5129
16 Tsacra Chico, 5548
17 Tsacra Grande, 5610
18 Huacrish, 5622
19 Ancocancha, 5450
20 Diablo Mudo, 5350
21 Tapush, 5223
22 Tapush Punta, 4770
23 Yullutahuarco


Location: Paso del Mojon (4320 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 29-07-2019
The title, which means "Dreaming Huayhuash", is the one that I figured out while taking these shots at Paso del Mojón. The little, precious Cordillera seemed so close in front of me, but I knew that to reach it I would need to descend to less than 2600 metres in the deep Pativilca canyon, before ascending to Llamac, 3300 m, stocking provisions for a week of independent trekking, and pedalling the whole load up to Quartelhuain, 4170 m. Exceptionally, here I was still on asphalt, since the pass is crossed by the (economically) important road leading to the huge mine of Antamina, but later on all the riding would take place on difficult gravel.
Road conditions in most of this region are rather terrible - according to local people, heavy rains in May had a major role in this sense. When I saw the km rating of my longest stage in Peru, Pomallucay-Pomabamba, 78 km, I could not help thinking of my longest cycling stage ever, a 278 km Osnabrück-Brocken: the figures coincide (unless for an extra digit), but the Peruvian stage was infinitely more tiresome!
I do not know if the panorama meets the taste of the Betrachter, since in total contempt of good practice the pictures are taken with a polarizer, and the resulting inconsistencies are clearly recognizable in the sky.
This said, I find the polarized version far more fascinating than the politically correct one, taken with a normal UV filter.

Location: -10.09396 -77.181471


Your addition is quite to my taste ;-) ... stunning again, Alberto !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2019/09/23 12:43 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Respekt vor deiner Leistung!
2019/09/23 16:34 , Dieter Leimkötter
Abbasso il politically correct!!! 
Sempre e comunque e in ogni caso...
Ciao, Alvise
2019/09/25 09:35 , Alvise Bonaldo
Ottima notizia.
Cosí facciamo squadra!
2019/09/25 12:08 , Pedrotti Alberto
Such gracile and mighty mountains! :-)
2020/01/22 09:36 , Johannes Ha

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Pedrotti Alberto

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