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Location: am Eck (14 m)      by: Klaus Föhl
Area: United Kingdom      Date: 2015-06-25
This was at times the residence for folks who had less than fully supported nation and country.

Now in our times, where we think bigger, maybe not fully globally but at least in European dimensions, I wonder what a place of similar purpose would look like.

-0.0741 West
51.5089 Nord
Kamera Canon G12
10 Fotos Hochformat
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I know the place well enough. Besieged as it is by all those modern buildings that surround it, it seems to me like a defeated castle ;-)
2019/05/28 23:47 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Feines Eck. Der Klotz ganz links ist schon länger hässlich. Und ganz rechts muss ich wehmütig an das alte 20 Fenchurch denken, das erste Hochhaus der City. VG Martin
2019/06/03 21:11 , Martin Kraus

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Klaus Föhl

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