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1 Castello Grumello (Military Castle)
2 Corno Baitone, 3330m
3 Gruppo dell' Adamello
4 Corno delle Granate, 3162m
5 Corno Miller, 3373m
6 Monte Belvedere, 1507m
7 Passo dell'Aprica
8 Poggiridenti Piano
9 Monte Palabione, 2361m
10 Dosso Paso', 2575m
11 Sazzo
12 Boffetto
13 Monte Lavazza, 2410m
14 Val d'Arigna
15 Piateda Centro
16 Fiume Adda
17 Piano
18 Busteggia
19 Piateda Alta
20 Punta Santo Stefano, 2693m
21 Faedo
22 Pizzo di Rodes, 2829m
23 Feruda
24 Punta della Pessa, 2470m
25 Scenini
26 San Carlo
27 Val Venina
28 Monte Motta, 2410m
29 Bordighi
30 Punta dalla Piada, 2122m
31 Pizzo Meriggio, 2358m
32 La Moia
33 Monte Pizzinversa, 2419m
34 Monte Vespolo, 2385m
35 Pizzo Pidocchio, 2329m
36 Albosaggia
37 (Sondrio)
38 Pizzo di Presio, 2391m
39 Caiolo
40 Cima della Zocca, 2166m
41 Castello Grumello (Residential Castle)


Location: Castello Grumello      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 18 March 2019

Castello Grumello or Castel Grumello (Grumello Castle) is a castle of the thirteenth century, located on a hill in a strategic position, on a sheer slope difficult to reach by any enemies. It is a twin castle, consisting of two separate buildings, joined by a wall that has now almost completely disappeared.
It is a very good vantage point over the central part of the Valtellina.


it does remind me of Valais/Wallis Valley in Switzerland but I know it isn't.
2019/03/21 02:35 , Augustin Werner
Der Fluß könnte die Soca sein ,aber ich weiß nicht wo
2019/03/21 06:18 , Thomas Janeck
This is just in between 
Soca and Rhone valley, a little closer to the Rhone...
2019/03/21 12:49 , Matthias Knapp
A wonderful view in the early spring to a great valley and a great montain group with 3 tops over 3000 meters.
2019/03/21 13:29 , Günter Diez
Taken from C....o G.....o.

btw my 1st thought was Valais too, but missed the highway...
2019/03/21 14:41 , Steffen Minack
Die Burgen rahmen Tal und Berge der A.-Alpen schön ein.
Dürfte nicht weit von den Burgen in sein.
2019/03/21 19:15 , Heinz Höra
58 km ;-)
2019/03/21 19:44 , Matthias Knapp
colours, clear air and landscape are convincing.
LG Jörg
2019/03/22 19:18 , Jörg Nitz
I thank everyone for participating.
2019/03/23 14:12 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I knew Grumello first from the wine. So do we see Nebbiolo vines here? Cheers, Martin
2019/03/24 18:06 , Martin Kraus
The whole area below the castle is a vineyard. The grape variety is Nebbiolo. The wine produced is called Grumello (Valtellina superiore Grumello).
I like much.
2019/03/24 18:51 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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