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1 Hjembæk Kirke, 9 km
2 Vejrhøj 121 m, 20 km
3 Svinninge Kirke, 12 km
4 Brendeshøj, 24 km
5 Esterhøj 89 m, 24 km
6 Maglehøj 91 m, 24 km
7 Kundby Kirke, 11 km
8 Luntebjerg 84 m, 22 km
9 Mørkøv Kirke
10 Hagested Kirke, 17 km
11 Bavnehøj 62 m, 18 km
12 Grævlingehøj 55 m (northeastern Sjælland), 50 km
13 Nordskoven (Hornsherred peninsula), 41 km
14 Nordskoven (Hornsherred peninsula), 45 km
15 Kyndby power plant (Hornsherred peninsula), 35 km


Location: Knøsen (99 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2013-03-24, 13:22
Here the main focus is a horseshoe formed endmoraine, simply called Bjergene (the mountains/die bergen). Short descriptions can be read at #9558 and #12504. The most prominent hill is Vejrhøj at 121 m, which has been in use for a good handful of my earlier panos, as well as a few more on "the ridge". Also a small piece of northeastern Sjælland can be seen; a small piece between Roskilde Fjord and Arresø at Frederiksværk.

Pano made from 39 pics (RAW), 300 mm, iso-100, 1/800 sec, f/8, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, ALO off, moderate sharpness), stitched in PTGui pro, contrast, downscaling and sharpening in Irfanview.

Labels in progress...


And the wind is harvested here as well...funny that groups of three seem to be preferred. Cheers, Martin
2018/04/07 20:36 , Martin Kraus
One of the most diversivied landscapes with a lot of mediaval churches you showed us so far. Also the snow fields in spring time I like very much.
LG Jörg
2018/04/08 14:14 , Jörg Nitz

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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