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Location: Lago di Bolsena      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: August 2014


Hmmm ... the boat does not look like one from Ha Long Bay ;-))
2018/02/06 20:56 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
We are certainly far from Ha Long Bay ;-)
2018/02/06 20:59 , Giuseppe Marzulli
However, the type of boats could really be a clue...
2018/02/06 22:25 , Giuseppe Marzulli
north of rome 
this is in my opinion a vulcanic island in an italian lake which is a caldera.
2018/02/06 23:36 , Christoph Seger
I doubt about the volcanic origin 
of these rocks, maybe it's a rest of a structure from a time before the explosion, but it must be Bisentina.
2018/02/07 17:37 , Matthias Knapp
I thought it is Martana, but you are right - more likely Bisentina

Regarding the rocks - I think it is tufo (Tuff).
2018/02/07 17:50 , Christoph Seger
As Matthias said, it is the Bisentina island, in the Bolsena lake.
Lake Bolsena is the largest Italian lake of volcanic origin.
I am not an expert in geology, but, as far as I know, as Christoph said, the Bisentina island is also of volcanic origin and the rock is tuff.

Christoph, you know that area, but I'd like to know what made you locate the area.
2018/02/07 19:09 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Giuseppe, I do not know the area even well. I came close to the lake once when we traveled Toscany. I did not even realize that there are islands in the lake, I also forgot about its volcanic origin.

It was what you stated about the boats - it apeared to me, that such boats will not be on the open sea. Second the clif - not much of wave erosion and third the windmills on the right horizon combined with "green landscape". So not Spain, in France I do not konw such a lake, weather is too bad in Germany to have such nice boats, rather not Slovenia / Croatia (landscape) and for sure not Greece not to name any countries further north. Leaves only good old homecountry and from that point on it was rather easy.

So you see - knowing not too much is sometimes an advantage in a search strategy ;-))

Herzlichst Christoph
2018/02/07 22:14 , Christoph Seger

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