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Location: Miru (3820 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: India      Date: 14-08-2015
The tiny village of Miru astonishes the traveller with its abundance of chortens and mani walls. Their presence stems from the fact that Miru was the birthplace of the greatest of all Ladakh kings, namely, Semgge Namgyal.
Unlikely, the gompa on the hill has been abandoned, The lama fled to a more comfortable stay in Leh. Luckily, the lock of door can be easily opened - see goo.gl/K6X36m - and entering the inner space you are rewarded with a wealth of unknown treasures - just browse the photos backward from the link.
The climb to the roof is dangerous, and should be undertaken with extreme care.

Position: 33.74044 77.75457
Larger: https://goo.gl/Inexoo


The fields with its colors (that mean culture) are most impressive in those surroundings.
2017/05/27 22:17 , Arne Rönsch
Yes, these crops can indeed become very scenic, especially when framed by a nearly deserted environment: goo.gl/mHn15R
2017/05/27 23:06 , Pedrotti Alberto
Great place. Thanks also for the link to the pictures from inside. The collection of Buddhist half-gods and daemons ist still a wonder for me - even more so, as Taoism in China displays a similar pandemonium. Different religion, same cultural roots? Cheers, Martin
2017/05/28 20:36 , Martin Kraus
Beautiful colours!
2017/05/29 16:55 , Sebastian Becher

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Pedrotti Alberto

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