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1 5611
2 To Sarchu, 4200
3 Seasonal lake
4 5522
5 5693
6 Bharatpur
7 5665
8 5656
9 To Baralacha La, 4890
10 5318


Location: Bharatpur (4714 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: India      Date: 25-08-2015
A companion to "Bharatpur ar night". Whereas the latter was shot while cycling northwards, this one was taken during a short bus stop on the way back to Manali.
This means that here the bicycles are resting, partially dismounted, on the roof of an Indian minibus - in addition, not even ours. The Betrachter will understand that I was far more relaxed when shooting the previous panorama.

Larger: goo.gl/7ShTSt


Do you need extra oxygen to cycle at this height?
2017/01/21 18:16 , Mentor Depret
No, you acclimatize directly on the road, while ascending gradually from the lower mountains to the Great Himalaya Range, that here at Bharatpur has just been crossed. The Baralacha La, 4890, is nearly in sight, and you find it labeled.
To cycle higher than, say, goo.gl/VMfPkm , more than bottled oxygen you would need bottled money and free time, and not by chance the names involved turn exclusively Northern European. Have a look at www.summitpost.org/muztagh-ata/151886
Cheers, Alberto.
2017/01/21 18:52 , Pedrotti Alberto
Grand scenery. Cheers, Martin
2017/01/26 19:54 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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