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1 Cima ai Mori, 2180; 129,5km
2 Zanca (Isola d'Elba)
3 Monte Cinto, 2706m; 142Km
4 Capo a u Perdatu, 2586m
5 Capo Bianco, 2554m
6 Punta Missoghiu, 2201m
7 La Mufrella, 2148m
8 Monte Padro, 2390m; 134,3Km
9 Monte Corona, 2143m


Location: Piombino (Marina di Salivoli)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 25 April 2016
This is a pano that would seem impossible....
Anyway it can be best appreciated by those who know the places.
Monte Cinto, 2706 meters, 142Km, at left, is the highest summit of Corsica.
3 photos; 500 mm (full format); f8; 1/2500 sec.; 100 ISO; with tripod.


Great view! Is it really a pano? Regards Peter
2016/12/11 12:20 , Peter Brandt
Hello Peter. Now I have added the features.
2016/12/11 12:51 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Wow, what a great view, but it's ending abruptly.
I'm curious how much this can happen per year.
2016/12/11 18:27 , Steffen Minack
Very spectacular! But with this magnification the sea looks like a lava field.
Any guess how deep the coastline is below the horizon of the sea?
2016/12/11 22:41 , Mentor Depret
@Steffen: I have all single photos until the northern end of Corsica, but it is very difficult to join them together with an acceptable quality. The quality panos with 500 mm are very hard. However the next part has lower peaks and it is less spectacular.
I think that this visibility is rare, but not exceptional. In the area the strong wind is not too rare.
@Mentor: I'm not sure I understood the question. However, the Corsican coast in this direction is situated about 90 Km from Piombino.
2016/12/11 23:47 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Amazing detail. Cheers, Martin
2016/12/12 20:34 , Martin Kraus
Giuseppe, it looks as if you took the pics from a low altitude, probably a few meters above sea level? If so, the Corsican coastline should be several tens of meters below the horizon of the sea.
2016/12/12 20:59 , Mentor Depret
@Mentor: your appears to me a very correct consideration.
2016/12/12 23:15 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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