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1 Museo degli Alpini
2 Col Moschin, 1270
3 (Valsugana)
4 Brenta
5 La Gusella, 816
6 Monte Grappa, 1770
7 Castello degli Ezzelini
8 Terrazzo panoramico


Location: Bassano del Gappa (110 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 19-04-2016
The most known feature of Bassano del Grappa is the covered wooden bridge on the Brenta which inspired a famous Alpini song "Sul ponte di Bassano".
As for the Brenta, in Bassano it is not that large river; however, it is large enough to make difficult for me to recognize the same river that I see everyday at home:
Of course I am no specialist of this genre and, more than as a self-contained work, the present is intended as an invitation to specialists like Giuseppe Marzulli or Werner Schelberger to go and work on this fascinating subject. Of course a full 360° from the middle of the bridge would be better done at a less crowded time than 6 pm, when all locals and tourists are walking hither and thither on the bridge, or simply lingering for the happy hour outside the famous grappa and wine shops located at its NE end, namely, Poli and Nardini. Do not confuse lower-case grappa, meaning Schnaps, with upper-case Grappa, the war-famous mountain dominating the town.
Here I was simply having a walk while waiting for a train. After having wasted the only short ray of sun by unwisely shooting with a completely wrong camera setting, I was walking to the train station. As I realized that a second ray of sun had probably found its way thorough the clouds, I ran down again to the bridge, I shot the present work in an extremely uncomfortable position - note that the bridge has a tiny panoramic terrace in its middle, but at the moment it is closed due to works. So, the whole resulted perhaps not in a big panorama, but surely in a furious final rush up to the train station...


Hallo Alberto
Ich war vor 3 Wochen in Bassano und bin von dort auf den Monte und Cima Grappa,habe aber leider nichts sehen können,alles Nebel und Schnee
2016/04/23 17:00 , Thomas Janeck
Very surprising that this nice place has not been covered in PP before. Cheers, Martin
2016/04/24 16:20 , Martin Kraus
A very beautiful invitation in an extraordinary light has justified your sporting deployment.
I saw the bridge on the homepage of a grappa producer and have to admit that a 360 degree panorama from the bridge has its appeal. Maybe one day there is a opportunity ;-)

Greetings Werner
2016/04/24 18:57 , Werner Schelberger
Ci avevo provato a fare un panorama analogo, ma non mi era piaciuto e comunque la luce non era così bella. Questo è riuscito davvero bene.
2016/04/26 20:53 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Thomas: es ist sicher wert, nochmals zu probieren!
Für mich ist der beste Weg auf den Grappa nicht die Normalroute durch Camposolagna, sondern die durch Semonzo - Campocroce. Empfehlenswert ist auch die Straße auf dem langen, panoramischen N-Grat, in Richtung Seren del Grappa. Mit einem unvermeidlichen Aufenthalt bei der Osteria del Forcelletto, in einem "Schärtchen"(=Forcelletto) verborgen.

Werner + Giuseppe: the same day that I published the panorama, at evening by chance I saw on television a report informing that the bridge will soon undergo restoration. Meanwhile, I heard rumours that there is some urgency and that the start could be a matter of weeks... but of course this has to be taken with care, after all we are in Italy!
2016/05/02 19:42 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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