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1 Piedra del Fraile
2 Cordón del Bosque
3 Laguna Azul
4 Laguna Cóndor
5 Piedra Negra
6 Río Eléctrico
7 Río de las Vueltas
8 Pirámide Roja
9 Cerro Eléctrico, Red Gendarme
10 Lago
11 Lago
12 Possible bivac place
13 Castillo Negro, 2257
14 (Paso del Cuadrado)
15 El Cuadrado
16 Aguja Guillaumet, 2579
17 Aguja Mermoz, 2732
18 Fitzroy, 3405
19 Cerro Grande, 2751
20 Punta Luca
21 Cerro El Ñato
22 Glaciar Fitzroy Norte
23 Cerro Adela Sur, 2840
24 Cordón Adela
25 Adela Central
26 Filo del Hombre Sentado
27 Cerro Torre, 3102
28 Pachamama
29 Atcachila
30 Inti
31 Cuatro Dedos
32 CAT
33 Domo Blanco, 2507
34 Aguja Pollone, 2260
35 Cerro Piergiorgio, 2719
36 Pollone Cumbre Este
37 Cerro Pollone, 2579
38 Aguja Tito Carrasco
39 Glaciar Pollone
40 Gran Gendarme, 2255
41 Loma Blanca, 2218
42 Glaciat Marconi
43 Cerro Pirámide, 2700
44 Lago Eléctrico
45 Glaciar Gorra Blanca
46 Gorra Blanca, 2907
47 Falso Cerro Eléctrico Oeste
48 Cerro 30° Aniversario, 1934


Location: Paso del Cuadrado (1811 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Argentina      Date: 28-02-2014
This is the less known side of the Fitzroy, with the rather hidden Fitzroy Norte glacier. The view encompasses also the Pollone group and the Marconi - Gorra Blanca region of the Hielo Sur. Worth of note is also the sight on the red scree slope leading to the Cerro Eléctrico.
Concerning the latter, let me note that to be precise the present 360° has not been shot at the Paso del Cuadrado, but somewhat higher on towards what on the maps is commonly dubbed as «Cerro Eléctico Oeste». Garibotti considers this as a mistake made by some cartographer, since that name should reasonably apply to the black tower nowadays better known as Castillo Negro, which actually lies W of the main summit.

See N.18401 to locate the present work within the "seven views" project.

11 HF, Canon G1X, 28 mm, f/5.6, 1/1250.

GPS track:


This is a very interesting and a very rare perspective, especially for the view on Fitz Roy. You really had a great time down there :)
2016/01/28 16:42 , Jens Vischer
Solo tu (o quasi) puoi riuscire a fare questi pano.
2016/01/28 20:26 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Jens: this is indeed the less know side of the mountain. As you may see, this is indeed a major flaw of the touristic mainstream, considering that the ascent to the pass is indeed long, but by no way demanding.

Giuseppe: Siamo in cinque ad aver visto questo. Poi semmai lo spiegherò in un'eventuale descrizione in inglese, ma quel giorno al passo ho incontrato solo due argentini al mattino e due canadesi al pomeriggio; considera che il giorno prima c'era sta gran bufera. Non abbiamo instaurato un vero dialogo, perché tutti quel giorno sembravano quasi pietrificati: anche i locali, che pure già conoscevano il posto, si mangiavano quel ghiacciaio con gli occhi.
Sono quelle giornate di cui una foto dà solo una pallida intuizione - nella misura in cui questa foto si può definire pallida (dato che è molto colorita, così come era l'originale).
2016/01/28 22:25 , Pedrotti Alberto
Each panorama of your Patagoniatrip is a pleasure ... much more impressive than Helgoland, but also my impressions are not at the end ;-)!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2016/01/30 13:03 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Not the dark side of the moon. This back of the Massif probably rarely to lights with the glacier flows to the bet. A magnificent sight.
2016/01/30 19:24 , Heinz Höra
The panos lives up to the promise of its title: Fantastic! Cheers, Martin
2016/01/31 17:02 , Martin Kraus

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