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1 Direction Sarchu
2 5523
3 5663
4 Himalayan watershed
5 Direction Baralacha La
6 5365
7 5615


Location: Bharatpur (4707 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: India      Date: 09-08-2015
With my panoramas I wander through continents in search of always new negative records in terms of Betrachter's interest!
Although the results attained by the last works of December will be difficult to beat, I open the new year with two serious and very focused attempts in that sense.
In both cases I leave to the interested Betrachters (after all, there are always two or three of them...) the task of determining the place.


The Manali-Leh highway crosses the main Himlayan watershed (Great Himalaya Range) at the Baralacha La, 4890 m. It is interesting to note that this is by no means its highest pass, since riding north towards Leh one needs still to cross Lachlung La (5077 m) and Taglang La (5343 m, pano N.18327). And the passes further north, between the Indus and the Shyokh valley north are still higher, none below 5300 m, in spite of crossing a secondary chain.
The Baralacha La in itself is a desert tableland. Only after some kms of descent one finds the tent settlement of Bharatpur, serving as a shelter for truck drivers, motorbikers and also for the few bikers (here merely two) found on the road.
The present panorama tries to convey the atmosphere that you breathe here, together with the thin air - namely, this comes, suddenly, as the first overnight stay above 3500 m if you come from the Manali side.
When I shot these photos is was already fairly dark (say, for the light that you see here, you have to thank 50% the Himalaya and 50% Lightroom); we had already had a sudden "Abendglühen" (as described in N.18247) and a weak rain and we were waiting for dinner. The powerful kerosene stoves were already at work in the tent of the strong woman hosting us - we nicknamed her the pasionaria for the incredible energy she put in everything she did, including giving orders to her likewise efficient young daughter.
People intersted in the "bunte" humanity populating a tent at Bharatpur should have a look at
where it should be easy to locate, nearly at 2/3, the photos with the same atmosphere depicted here.

11 HF, Canon G1X, 28 mm equiv, ISO 1600, f/2.8, 1/30 sec.
GPS track:


...Nubra valley in the north of India?
2016/01/06 18:23 , Jörg Engelhardt
We are indeed beyond the Himalaya.
The question is: how much beyond???
2016/01/06 18:33 , Pedrotti Alberto
...only a few meters on the other side of the river? It seems to be the border between the himalaya and karakorum...?
2016/01/06 18:58 , Jörg Engelhardt
For me these panos are of exceptional interest. I do not know the place.
2016/01/06 22:21 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Unknown place - great impression, as always!!! Thanks for showing.

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2016/01/07 06:57 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Looks like motorcycles are more common than bicycles :-)
2016/01/07 08:21 , Jens Vischer
Happy that you didn't realise your implied threat of deleting this one again. Really fascinating to see the concept of "highway" in other parts of the world - so this must be a "Autobahnraststätte"? Cheers, Martin
2016/01/17 16:16 , Martin Kraus
Martin: yes, I think that you hit the point, no doubt that this is an Autobahnpanorama!
To my taste, however, a Stimmungvolles one, and this is why I surely will not delete it.
Not only I do not delete this, but this week I am also going to launch a program of restoration of all the old works that I liked but I (stupidly) withdrew because nobody else seemed to like them. Actually, I already began this program with a work on APA, specifying "this time it will stay regardless of positive/null/negative interest."
Readily after completing the of restoration of whatever is important for me, I will begin a program of dismission of... myself from these two platforms. Namely, I realize that now it is more than five years that I am here, and I understand how this is a frightening long time for Internet standards. Maybe this explains why even interesting (original, weird, instructive... put it as you like) works meet an everyday weaker reception.
But this does only concern the close future - as for the Autobahnpanorama, here it is, and here it will remain.
As does over the years Bharatpur, even if it is only a tent settlement.
Cheers, Alberto.
2016/01/17 20:15 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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