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1 Kouvara
2 Katsaromoura, 1314
3 (Tripiti gorge)
4 Cape Flomos
5 Sougia
6 Psilafi, 1984
7 kokkinavari, 1670
8 (Volakias, 2117)
9 Psiristra, 1935
10 Modaki, 2225
11 Pachnes, 2453
12 Klados gorge
13 Zaranokefala, 2099
14 (Samaria gorge)
15 (Eligias gorge)
16 Selouda
17 Agios Pavlos
18 Papoures, 980


Location: Kokkinavari (1646 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 15-07-2015
I do not know who may be interested to this place.
However, I like it and I try to propose it.
We are on the long ridge that from the summit of Volakias, 2117, highest mountain of the Lefka Ori west of Samaria, plunges into the sea between the Tripiti and Sedoni beaches.
In order to decipher the location a bit better, it is highly recommended to have a look at the linked track.

Location: 35.26807 23.92731
Larger: https://bit.ly/3aBPGY1
GPS track Tripiti - Volakias - Katsaromoura:


Ah, you're jumping continents again in no time. Great stuff as well. The immediate surroundings remind me a little of my old #8030, only that in the middle of the Lefka Ori the terrain is a bit wilder. Cheers, Martin
2015/12/30 15:54 , Martin Kraus
I have something very closely reminding your N.8030. It comes from Lissos which, as I see, is not represented here. I throw it into the total chaos of the queue, let's hope...
Cheers, Alberto.
2016/01/11 00:32 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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