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1 Bullaccia (Puflatsch), 2174m
2 Punta Santner (Santnerspitze), 2413m
3 Punta Euringer (Euringerspitze), 2394m
4 Petz, 2563m
5 Monte Nicola (Nigglberg), 2164m
6 Torri del Vajolet (Vajolet-Türme), 2813m
7 Monte Balzo (Volseggspitze), 1834m
8 Catinaccio (Rosengartenspitze), 2981m


Location: Unterinn / Auna di Sotto      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 20 December 2015
I do not know if, out of Italy, are known cookies Loacker. They are produced in this little village in South Tyrol.


don't forget the tasty cheese... ;-)
2015/12/26 10:06 , Steffen Minack
Yes, the cookies are known, and the area is highly appreciated as well ;-) Not to mention the wine... Cheers, Martin
2015/12/30 15:56 , Martin Kraus
I must be honest. I prefer good wine and not good biscuits ;-)
But I think that those seen in pano are apple trees and not vineyards.
This is the reason why I did not speak of wine ;-)
2015/12/30 19:03 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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