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1 Zaranokefala, 2099
2 Thodori S summit, 2317
3 Anopoli
4 Dochi, 2149
5 (Ammoutsera)
6 Mavri, 1865
7 Kambia
8 Krioneritis
9 Agia Ekaterini
10 Psiloritis, 2456, 62 km
11 Kedros, 1777
12 Vouvala, 947
13 Frangokastello
14 Kofinas, 1231, 95 km, N.17365
15 Cape Lithino - N.17602
16 (Glyka Nera, N.17853
17 Cape Pounta
18 Gavdos
19 Loutro


Location: Agia Ekaterini (687 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 22-07-2015
This is the same location as the old "Astra mi me malonete", which you will surely find in the Umgebung.
How you may see, the stars have now disappeared ant the sun is rising from over central Crete.
The first half of the panorama shows the southern side of the Lefka Ori, with the prominent pyramid of Thodori Korfi. Below, there is the table-land hosting the villages of Anopoli, Aradena and Agios Ioannis.
The right half shows the Lybian sea with the far island og Gavdos and the little semicircular harbour of Loutro, known for its isolation, since it is not accessible by road. You can reach it only
1) by ship, from Agia Roumeli or Sfakia;
2) via the coastal path joining the latter sites;
3) via a steep mule-track descending precisely from Agia Ekaterini.
It is very beloved by tourist concerned with fitness: they leave Loutro when it is still dark, in order to reach the ridge for dawn, that is, before this south-exposed slope becomes overwhelmingly hot.

13 HF, Canon G1X, 33 mm, ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/200 sec.


...I would say Greece, not Tajikistan....

2015/10/28 12:30 , Jörg Engelhardt
Ja, ich muss es gestehen... Zweifellos war Tajikistan keine gute Wahl! Solch ein bequemes Plaetzchen hat wirklich nichts zu tun mit "allem Schall und Klang der Transoxanen"...
LG, Alberto.
2015/10/29 07:53 , Pedrotti Alberto
A Greek dream and certainly an incentive to return and support the Greek economy.
Just having returned from Spain, I must however admit that a lot of the romantic appeal of Greece is due to the fact that the country is massively underdeveloped, even when compared to other "Southern-European" countries.
Cheers, Martin
2015/11/03 19:36 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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