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1 Sveti Duje


Location: Ferry Dubrovnik - Rijeka      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Croatia      Date: 01-09-2013
Spalato/Split seen from a ship, the one that leaves Dubrovnik in the morning, reaches Spalato in the evening, to end in Rijeka/Fiume the next morning.
The attention it caught by the tower of the cathedral of Sveti Duje (Italian translation: San Doimo), an old octagonal mausoleum, enclosed in the huge Diocletian Palace, measuring 215x180 m.
In 2003, while cycling down to Greece, by chance I happened to be in front of the cathedral precisely when the bishop was starting the procession of August 15. I remember the strange effect produced, in the birthplace of an old Roman emperor, by the strange mixture of Latin and Croatian that I heard: Turris davidica, Turris eburnea, Ianua coeli, Stella mattutina... accompanied by the refrain "moli za nas", which is, "pray for us"... Ten years later, always on August 15, always by chance, I was to hear she same refrains at a crowded monastery on the shore of a lake in Bosnia... but maybe this will be the subject of some future panorama!

The Betrachter complains loudly for at least two reasons:
1) this is the 16-th consecutive sea panorama that I show. Yes, I know! I need to turn to other subjects, because nowadays you are "cool" only if you are able to produce variety;
2) I included the big ship on the right. This may indeed be a controversial point - its huge mass causes indeed an unbalance, and the picture "hangs" somewhat to the right. But that huge mass belongs to the personal memory of that evening (at least because it then prevented further photographing...), whence I would be pleased to leave it inside.

9QF, Nikon D7000, zoom 16-85, 80mm (x 1.5), ISO 640, f/5.6, 1/30 sec.


This wonderful picture has been taken at a perfect place, on a perfect time! Congratulations!
2015/06/22 17:24 , Christian Schickmayr
Caro Alberto, a me il Betrachter fa troppo venire in mente quando ne "L' attimo fuggente" il professor Keating spiega come si valuta una poesia...
2015/06/22 18:43 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Why variety is un-cool:

1: Do what you do best.
2: With many contributers, variety will eventual prevail.
3: I forgot.

LG Jan.
2015/06/22 19:57 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
The only thing I have to complain is the cut of the mast top. KR Arno
2015/06/22 22:01 , Arno Bruckardt
2015/06/22 22:15 , Michael Strasser
Let's go the whole hog. The top of the ship could also fit into the picture.
2015/06/22 23:14 , Jörg Braukmann
Jörg: this is not a crop, the top of the mast was actually outside the frame.
Since the ship was departing at already remarkable speed, I found wise to shoot horizontal pictures rather than vertical ones.
Incidentally: yesterday, after commenting a pano featuring a sanctuary near Grado, my mind went eastwards, and also in direction Spalato - the connection should be clear from the somewhat extravagant description provided. But in the folder of this pano I found an old remark saying: unfeasible with Hugin, barely acceptable with Ptgui. So, I tried to redo the work with Hugin from scratch. In each transition, I concentrated all the control points on a single building, typically the biggest one in the overlapping. Adding plenty of vertical and horizontal points, I got the present result. Of course I had to perform adjustments on the far mountain ridge, but to my surprise I did not find major inconsistencies in the buildings "left loose".
Up to now in I only found a forgotten correction on the ridge left of the half-mast. Since I am not a good detective, any help in the debugging is welcome!
As for the mast itself, the only viable solutions would be... to cut it, maybe after its first floor... I do not know is permission from the captain of the ship is needed to perform such an operation.
KR, Alberto.
2015/06/23 14:54 , Pedrotti Alberto
Interesting pano with a big surprise at the end of the scroll. But I like that contrast. Adding the top of the ship would have spolit the proportions of the picture ("Bildschnitt"). Cheers, Martin
2015/06/25 19:37 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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