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1 Lybian Sea
2 E4 pole - direction Loutro
3 Glyka Nera
4 Bend on road to Anopoli
5 Hora Sfakion


Location: Glyka Nera      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 18-07-2011
Glyka Nera ("sweet water") is the most accessible among the inaccessible beaches south of the Cretan Lefka Ori. Namely, between Sougia and Chora Sfakion there is a 30 km stretch of coast which is not served by any road.
Glyka Nera happens to be located right at the east end of this stretch, and can be accessed by a walk of few dozens of minutes from the asphalted road. This is the reason why it is so popular. Moreover, it such a short walk is poor to you, you can continue to the fairy little harbour of Loutro (, which is connected by a regular service of ferries to Sfakion.
Some programs for adventure trekkers include a crossing of the Lefka Ori, ending by a swim or night under the stars at Glyka Nera. So if you flee starry nights and/or adventure travellers, just choose another beach like Agios Pavlos, Agios Antonios, Lissos, Gialiskari, or the literally end-of-the-world Domata ( and Tripiti.
Be aware, however, that in so doing you will only get rid of the adventurers, but not of the stars...
(Actually, you also find a Panorama in der Umgebung named after these)


Non mi dispiacerebbe essere lì adesso...
2015/06/30 00:58 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Good to see a positive statement on Greece....
2015/07/01 21:31 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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