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1 Malchin khadag, 4027
2 Sheveed Uul, 3370
3 Base Camp
4 Tsagann Gol = White River Valley
5 Potanina glacier
6 Alexandroff glacier
7 Burged, 4068
8 Naran, 3885
9 4162
10 Huithen, 4371
11 4192
12 MNG-CHi-RUS, 4082
13 Nairamdal, 4117
14 Malchina, 3910
15 Ukok plateau


Location: Malchin (4027 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 21-08-2011
While preparing the «Shepherd's shadow» N.15913 I also reworked the old N.9888, checking more carefully the horizon with Udeuschle.
Not to exclude the hypothesis that Udeuschle has checked more carefully the terrain meanwhile - see the discussion to «Nairamdal», N.9762.
It is the first time that I post a second version, so I do not know which is the praxis. If people judge that the original was 100 times better, then maybe I figure out what to do. Otherwise, should they detect some improvement, I would be in trouble!
So, let us hope to be in the first hypothesis!

15 HF, Canon G9, 46 mm equiv, f/7.1, 1/1250 sec.


Hammer, wo Du immer sein darfst!
Der Wolkenrahmen, samt der ganzen Schöpfung beindruckt mich besonders.
LG & behüt Dich Gott,
2014/09/19 00:05 , Christian Hönig
I cannot judge on the horizon, but I like the colors and lights of this new version even better than the old one...
2014/09/19 08:24 , Jens Vischer
I agree with Jens. In my opinion shadows and highlights are better ballanced and the colors are more brilliant.
2014/09/19 18:19 , Werner Schelberger
I think that with a landscape so, you can enter up to three times :-).
2014/09/19 20:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
The glacier is really fascinating. I am deeply impressed about your panorama.
Kind regards, Matthias.
2014/09/20 21:21 , Matthias Stoffels
(beyond words) Cheers, Augustin
2014/09/21 14:07 , Augustin Werner
I agree with Augustin. Greetings, Jan.
2014/09/21 23:26 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Awesome ... i am deeply impressed too!!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2014/10/02 17:04 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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