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1 Colorful hills with various minerals
2 Modern Dogubeyazit
3 Ishak Pasha Palace
4 Old Mosque
5 Urartean Fortress
6 Muslim graveyard and tomb of Ahmed-I-Hani


Aufnahmestandort: Above Ishak Pasha Palace (1700 m)      Fotografiert von: Wolfgang Schmähling
Gebiet: Turkey      Datum: 16.08.2014
Not far from the Ararat and modern day Dogubeyazit is the old town of Beyazit, which has seen many rulers come and go. First there were the Urarteans, then Romans, Byzanteans, Arabs, Turks, Mongols and Osmans. Most of them left their traces behind, starting with the old castle built into the rock from the Urartu people. Later two mosques were built, which are still in use today and in the 18th century the palace was built by Kurdish leaders, who used various contemporary architectural influences to create a unique style. Nowadays it is being renovated and rebuilt as a World Heritage Site. The modern glass roofs look a bit strange from the outside, but the inside is much better visible like this.
On the very left is the tomb of Kurdish poet Ahmad-e Hani, which is a popular pilgrimage place for Kurdish people.


Thank you for presenting this very important piece of architecture in Eastern Turkey. I have been there, the spot is remarkably.
30.08.2014 00:38 , Christoph Seger
Very interesting.
31.08.2014 23:03 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Finally I see this place so praised in the guidebooks!
01.09.2014 21:20 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Wolfgang Schmähling


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