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1 Sound od Iona
2 Fionnphort
3 Iona Abbey


Aufnahmestandort: Dùn Ì (101 m)      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: United Kingdom      Datum: May 2011
Iona is a small island in the Inner Hebrides off the Ross of Mull on the western coast of Scotland.
The island was the site of a highly important monastery, during the Early Middle Ages. According to tradition the monastery was founded in 563 by the monk Columba, who had been exiled from his native Ireland.


Land of the sheeps (and shepherds). Nice and concerning the weather most probably very authentic. VG.
11.02.2014 04:52 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Very typical and beautiful. Unfortunately most of the time no country for friends of "Fernsicht". Cheers, Martin
11.02.2014 20:19 , Martin Kraus
Dear friends, in this case the main problem was the wind, as you can see by examining the bent grass. I am 1.85m tall and weighing nearly 90 Kg, but at the top of the Dun (only 101m), which is the highest point on the island of Iona, I had to squat, otherwise the wind carried me away.
11.02.2014 20:57 , Giuseppe Marzulli
That's why the Scottish mountain weather forecast has an explicit section "effect of wind", basically assessing the ability to stand upright on ridges,and sometimes on lower ground as here. Btw, hurricane force gales predicted for tomorrow in the NW. I hope that May will be calmer.
11.02.2014 21:30 , Martin Kraus
You know, that i enjoy this typical landscape Giuseppe - please more! Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
14.02.2014 20:52 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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