Il Campanile nel lago / Der Glockenturm im See   62466
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1 Cima Dieci (Zehnerkopf), 2675m
2 Dosso di Fuori (Ausserer Nockenkopf), 2767m
3 Piz Lat (Piz Lad), 2808m
4 Piz Mundin, 3146m


Location: Lago di Resia / Reschensee      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: December 2013
This amazing bell tower of the XIV century is the only evidence of the villages of Curon, Resia and San Valentino that in 1950 had to make way for the big artificial structure of the lake of Resia.
The old villages were submerged by the construction of the lake and the bell tower is their only witness.


Das ist ehrlich schön!
Gruss Walter
2013/12/30 18:09 , Walter Schmidt
Dear Giuseppe
a.p. holds some pictures of the same motiv. But I think, this here is the best one. Quite poetic and another piece / puzzle stone in your personal perception of Italy (= Giuseppes Italienische Reise).
Herzlichst Christoph
2013/12/30 20:49 , Christoph Seger
A well known place in wonderful light!

Happy new year 2014, Giuseppe ... and my best wishes for wonderful weather on Skye :-)) ... tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
2013/12/31 12:19 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Bellissimo; vedo un innevamento molto piu' continuo rispetto a dove sono io adesso!
Saluti e auguri di buon anno da Ushuaia.
2014/01/01 12:57 , Pedrotti Alberto
Wow, you're in Tierra del Fuego. I look forward to seeing your views.

@Hans-Jörg: I think that a weather so in Skye is impossible.

My best wishes for a happy new year to everyone.
2014/01/01 13:33 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Great to see this in winter with the ice. I remember that back in 1979, the old Graun tower appeared to stand just in the lake. When we were there again in 1997, the new landfill structure appearing on the left had been built and the tower is now in even more artificial surroundings.
@Giuseppe & Hans-Jörg - I will follow up on your remarks to the weather on Skye in a few minutes.
Cheers, Martin
2014/01/01 17:03 , Martin Kraus

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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