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1 Rævebakke, 16 km
2 Store Fuglede Kirke (church), 8 km
3 Lille Fuglede Kirke (church), 6 km
4 Urhøj 55 m, 13 km
5 Jorløse Kirke (church), 4,2 km
6 Ubby Kirke (church), 9,6 km
7 Asnæsværket power plant, 18 km
8 Madesø lake 2 m, 2,8 km
9 Saltofte Bjerg 81 m, 6,1 km
10 Svebøllegavn Plantage forest 73 m, 5,7 km
11 Trustrup Skov forest 34 m, 3,2 km
12 Stenhus Vænge forest, 0,5 km
13 Hejrebjerg Skov forest,
14 Bjergsted Bakker 87 m, 6,3 km
15 Kattrup Manor House


Location: In the fields (60 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2013-10-06, 10:33
Not a shocking far view, just (like the one before) a documentation of a somewhat unusual autumn: nice, quiet and dry...usually the time with strong colouration is very short, but this year it was a feast.

Here is a look over a large lowmoor, now mostly drained and overgrown. It connects the lakes Tissø and Skarresø. Over thousands of years the depression has been filled with Sphagnum, but with the drainage it risks bioconversion and getting filled with water. Nevertheless, still a nice landscape. Of interest perhaps for the botanic interested is, that the forest Stenhus Vænge holds the only site for Epipactis purpurata outside the European mainland.

Pano made from 18 pics (RAW), 50 mm, iso-100, f/8, 1/400 sec, developed in DPP (neutral, 6000 K, moderate sharpness), stitched in PTgui pro, down-scaling and sharpness in IrfanView.


I like the wonderful autumn colours and the marvelous structures in the field - great work Jan!! LG Hans-Jörg
2013/11/10 20:48 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Unspectacular but very nice landscape which spends much silence!
Isn't it a little bit too red or magenta ? - but it doesn't really matter.
LG Jörg
2013/11/10 21:21 , Jörg Nitz
Wow, was es heute alles Schönes zu bewundern gibt!

LG & behüt Dich Gott,

2013/11/10 21:40 , Christian Hönig
Can one characterize Denmarks landscape in panos better than you ? Well done! HJ
2013/11/11 16:02 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Sehr schöne herbstliche Strukturen... 
denn es müssen natürlich nicht immer die Berge sein. Thank you for this Pano ! Herzliche Grüße Velten
2013/11/11 17:56 , Velten Feurich
Turning a spectacular landscape into a popular panorama is probably much easier than what you are doing here - turning at first sight totally unspectacular landscapes into really beautiful and interesting panoramas. I like this one especially. Cheers, Martin
2013/11/11 20:22 , Martin Kraus
Martin has already found the right words to describe the special nature of your panorama. Great work!
LG, Matthias.
2013/11/12 00:57 , Matthias Stoffels
Jörg, I have taken out both red and magenta. Hope it gefälls:-) Thank you for the interest all of you. LG Jan.
2013/11/12 14:30 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
For me this is not a commonplace landscape. It reminds me of holiday. I think, the colours are ok.
2013/11/12 20:09 , Jörg Braukmann
I like much!
2013/11/13 23:38 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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