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1 1518
2 Gran Sasso, 2914, 283 km
3 Olib
4 Silba
5 Sibillini, 2476, 259 km
7 Cònero, 550, 177 km
8 Ilovik
9 Monte San Vicino, 1479, 225 km
10 Mali Lošinj
11 Monte Catria, 1701, 235 km
12 Monte Nerone, 1525, 240 km
13 Rt Lun
14 Punta Kriza
15 Lošinj
16 Televrine, 589
17 RAB
18 Boat
20 Goli Otok
22 Sv. Grgur
23 Plavnik
24 Prvić
25 Učka, 1401
26 KRK
27 Baška
28 Riječki zaljev
29 Rt Sokol
30 Krk most
31 Velebitski kanal
32 Snežnik, 1796
33 Novi Vinodolski


Location: Veliki Zavižan (1670 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Croatia      Date: 03-08-2013
For most of the people the Croatian coast is nothing but a virtually infinite binary string made of the two symbols APARTMANI and SOBE.
It is incredible to see how close to such huge marketplace one can enjoy something completely different.
I started my summer bicycle tour from Trieste on August 1, and the next day, due to wrong time computations, I reached the Velebit too late to enjoy the sunset. As a consolation prize, I had the sunrise from the tiny summit of Vučjak, little above the Zavižan refuge, the main reference point for Northern Velebit. Next, I headed in direction Bosnia, where I had to rehearse for a concert to be held on August 10. But once I reached the beautiful valley of Krasno, I felt somewhat unhappy... From the Velebit I wanted to see also a sunset, and so I climbed the mountain once again, this time having even the time to position me on the best summit. Unfortunately, there was no longer the magical light of the evening before, which I had enjoyed only in the mid of a forest with no suitable panoramic points. But one cannot have everything at once!
In summary: the Velebit sunset panoramas stole me one day of rehearsal... Some pictures from the Balkans are already on, although the publication will be a lengthy and tiresome job, having shot something like 6300 pictures... The Balkans are a mysterious piece of Europa which we hardly know.
Among the many items shown in this picture my personal favourite is the summit of Televrine, on the island of Lošinj. Near to it, there is a wonderful little chapel of Sv. Nikola, where I slept one night in 2005, enjoying a memorable sunrise. Unfortunately, I decided to buy my first digital camera only one year later...
15 vertical images, 65mm (x 1.5), 1/60 sec, f/8, ISO 200.

Position: 44.80238 14.97314


very beautiful!
2013/09/05 17:49 , Augustin Werner
Uno dei tuoi più belli.
2013/09/05 21:16 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Great Show and Story. Regards Peter
2013/09/05 22:49 , Peter Brandt
Absolutely fascinaiting atmosphere and a nice story too - thx Alberto!
2013/09/06 12:23 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Post scriptum: browsing the Panoramio version in search for residual dust spots, I have noticed that the masses of many Appenninic mountains are clearly discernible! I mean: if they were all dust, then I would need to clean the sensor with dish detergent...
I have marked them in red, together with their distance. However, to appreciate their presence you need perhaps to move to
The Udeuschle theoretical maxdist lies at 310 km in the Maiella group, which is left for a little outside the present view. I have also 360° stuff on the disk; when I will have time I will research.
In the Zavižan refuge hangs an awesome sunset picture taken in a crystal clear day of January 2008, showing the Appennini like they were just outside the window.
2013/09/07 00:05 , Pedrotti Alberto
Fantastic smooth light - this way I can even appreciate a sunset shot. Cheers, Martin
2013/09/08 09:48 , Martin Kraus
Fantastic Landscape and Pano Alberto!
2013/09/09 18:37 , Sebastian Becher
Eine einzigartige Fern- und Übersicht.
2013/09/15 23:47 , Jörg Braukmann

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Pedrotti Alberto

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