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1 Sønderskov forest 64 m, 64 km
2 Ferry to Ebeltoft
3 Odden Færgehavn ferryport, 19 km
4 Sejerø Bugt
5 Brokkebjerg 26 m, 19 km
6 Hulbjerg 29 m, 17 km
7 Odden Kirke (church), 14,9 km
8 Kattegat
9 P. 49 m, 13 km
10 Dyrehøj 53 m, 11 km
11 Gudmindrup Lyng heath, 8 km
12 Hesselø island 20 m, 42 km
13 Hesselø Lighthouse, 42 km
14 Korevlerne sandbanks, 6 km
15 Herd of habitat grazers
16 Ellinge Kongepart marshland, 4 km
17 Sekshøj 51 m, 10 km


Location: Path from Møllestrædet in Høve (85 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2012-08-13, 13:30
In Denmark Sjællands Odde (meaning "the pointed land of Sjælland") is mainly known for its ferry-connection with the Djursland peninsula in Jylland. The port and a ferry can be seen here, as well as a part of Djursland, on the other side of the water.

More surprisingly, the island of Hesselø in Kattegat lurks in a narrow "window". This must be about as south as one can see this island. From the northernmost coast of Sjælland it is also visible, but since the coastal cliffs are lower, only the high parts can be seen, unlike here, where much more can be seen.

The island was the center of a comical dispute in th 80's, because Sweden asked: "Are you sure it is danish?". A surprisingly harsh debate followed, until the swedes acknowledged danish surpremacy (imagine us saying: "Greifswalder Oie...are you sure it is german?"). It was later revealed, that Sweden had "issues" with the russan sea-border in The Baltic Sea, and therefore didn't want to be seen as "going soft" on their neighbourghs.

Pano made from 33 pics (RAW), 300 mm, iso-200, f/10, 1/1000 sec, developed in DPP (neutral, moderate sharpness, forgotten temp.), stitched in PTgui pro, rescaled and sharpened in IrfanView.


Hach, that reminds me of our Baltic Sea vacation last month. I hope to show Denmark from a distance soon.
2013/08/26 23:50 , Jörg Braukmann
Not easy to stitch this horizon, but you did very well.
2013/08/27 08:23 , Jens Vischer
This is an great Horizon-Line! Congrats for this!
2013/08/29 14:37 , Sebastian Becher
Danke für die interesse... 
- and Jörg, I can't wait to see that! LG Jan.
2013/08/30 14:20 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Fast unendlich und sehr gelungen!
VG, Danko.
2013/09/06 23:25 , Danko Rihter

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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