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1 East River
2 Williamsburg Bridge
3 Brooklyn
4 Manhatten Bridge
5 Brooklyn Bridge
6 Verrazzano-Narrow Bridge
7 Financial District
8 Statue of Liberty
9 Jersey City
10 Hudson River


Location: New York City, Manhatten, Empire State Building      by: Matthias Weber
Area: United States      Date: 3 July 2009
My first day ever in Manhatten started with the amazing journey to the Empire State Building. The original pictures have been taken roughly 15 minutes before midnight on the eve of Independence Day. Usually already crowded, on this particular evening the time to stand in line was roughly 3 hours (with a normal E-ticket and a shortcut using the stairs for the last 10 floors). The only place where you can have a free few of both skyscraper clusters of manhatten. One of the few observatories where the view is NOT destroyed by annoying huge glass windows or glass walls. As usually tripods are not allowed to be used, but you can use the stone wall instead. I personally recommend to go up there at night. On that night we had almost full moon over Lower Manhatten, unfortunately too high though to be included in this panorama.

3 photos stitched together with Hugin, camera: Olympus SP500 Ultrazoom


Not the best environmental conditions 
I was over the Empire State Building few days ago, and I must say that knowing the difficulties to take good photos in that place you made a very good job with your stitching.
The problems are due to the crowd, many people didn't know that if they bump you... and if they shot with the flash in the mean time you are shooting...
2013/10/08 14:56 , Daniele ceccato Daniele1357
i know, but if you take pictures with a bit of distance at least although you might move a slight bit, the perspective remains basically the same
2014/01/29 10:47 , Matthias Weber
Vielleicht besteht noch die Möglichkeit den Horizont auszurichten ....
2014/01/29 22:03 , Christoph Seger

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Matthias Weber

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