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Location: Quilota Crater (3914 m)      by: Wolfgang Schmähling
Area: Ecuador      Date: 02.02.2013
From Wikipedia: "Quilotoa is a water-filled caldera and the most western volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. The 3 kilometres wide caldera was formed by the collapse of this dacite volcano following a catastrophic VEI-6 eruption about 800 years ago, which produced pyroclastic flows and lahars that reached the Pacific Ocean, and spread an airborne deposit of volcanic ash throughout the northern Andes. The caldera has since accumulated a 250 m (820 ft) deep crater lake, which has a greenish color as a result of dissolved minerals. Fumaroles are found on the lake floor and hot springs occur on the eastern flank of the volcano."
On the very left you can see the narrow and steep, but easy path to the highest summit above the lake. The actual village of Quilotoa is opposite my viewpoint. From there you can take a path winding down to the lake and boatrides are offered there. Quilotoa is more frequented by tourists than Chugchilan, but in the early morning it's still very quiet and you can enjoy the amazing flora and fauna while taking the 4 hour trip around the lake.


Hi - I think I would have liked a few degrees more to the right so we had the edge to the right. LG Jan.
2013/02/17 21:01 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Hi Jan, I agree, but I would have had to step over the edge to look through the finder for that additional picture and that risk I didn't want to take...
2013/02/18 17:53 , Wolfgang Schmähling
It is best not to risk. Very beautiful landscape.
2013/02/18 20:55 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Lieber eine Reihe weniger aber dafür sicher - dennoch möchte man gerne den Blick nach unten richten können :-) Schöne Impressionen. VG HJ
2013/02/18 22:37 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Sehr interessanter Landschaftseindruck. VG Martin
2013/02/19 18:55 , Martin Kraus

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Wolfgang Schmähling

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