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1 Pik Ahmadi-Danesh, 6665
2 Pik Chetiriokh, 6299
3 Pik Clara Zetkin, 6680
4 Moskvina Glacier
5 Pik Izvestiya, 6840
6 Pik Vorobiova, 5691
7 Pik Hohlov, 6640
8 Pik Somoni, 7495
9 Pik Dushanbe, 6995
10 Pamir Firnovo Plato
11 N.12914
12 Dangerous Ramp
13 N.10434
14 Grudi, 6100
15 Borodkin ridge
16 Valtera Glacier
17 Traube Glacier
18 Pik Kirov, 6372
19 Pik Leningrad, 6507
20 Pik Abalakov, 6446
21 Olympic Peak, 5637
22 Pik Moskva, 6785
23 Pik 30th Anniversary
24 Pik Suloeva, 5816
25 Fortambek glacier


Location: Pik Korjenevskaya, last camp (6300 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Tajikistan      Date: 09-08-2010
This is the full daylight version of N.6004, and is taken from the same place 36 hours later.
Although the sun is brightly shining, the unreliability of the weather is apparent, and even at 500 pixel one can distinguish the wind-storm on the NNE ridge of Peak Somoni (the former Communism peak). However, the situation is far better than it was the previous day on the top: see http://bit.ly/2TF99Pk
The panorama shows all the three glaciers surrounding the Korjenevskaya base camp: namely, Moskvina, Valtera and Traube. Each one was dedicated to one of the explorers of the region, but the explorers were four and the available, unnamed and sufficiently big glaciers only three. This problem was solved with the dedication on the Pik Chetiriok, that is, "Peak of the Four". It is a very elegant pyramid when seen from below (check N.6898); from the present standpoint, unluckily, it loses a good deal of its majestic presence.
This panorama is complementary to N.6004 in the sense that what is shrouded in clouds here (the mountains around the Fortambek basin) appears unveiled there, and what is hidden there (the Somoni summit) is visible here.
For more detail about the wall in the middle, see N. 6618.
Five pictures with the Powershot G9.

Larger: https://bit.ly/2YiXb4P
GPS track: http://www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=22010278


Ti invidio molto questi posti.
2012/03/22 22:48 , Giuseppe Marzulli
2012/03/23 10:24 , Beatrice Zanon
soo fantastic!!! Hope to see this @TOP! greetings Seb
2012/03/23 11:16 , Sebastian Becher
Your panoramas from exotic sites are always fascinating. For me it is quite interesting to recognize in the Tajiki mountain name 'Chetiriok' the Indo-European root of the numeral 4, to be compared to Latin 'quattuor' and Sanskrit 'catvaras'. KR Wilfried
2012/03/24 08:28 , Wilfried Malz
I thank everybody for the appreciation.
(Wilfried) Yes, but actually "chetire" is plain Russian for the number four.
The Tajik language, on the other hand, is a Persian language; Tajikistan is like an island of the Persian world, separated in the centuries from the mainland by the movements of Turkic populations. Great towns on the Silk Road like Bukhara and Samarquand fully belong to the Tajik culture, although they were assigned to Uzbekistan by Stalin, in his politics of shuffling all the ethnic cards: "divide et impera" - as Latins stated it.
Tajik people are very proud of their culture. In the capital Dushanbe (=Monday, because there was a souq on Monday, when the place had still 800 inhabitants...) on front of the government palace you find a huge Park Rudaki, and this is the major Tajik poet. On the Prospekt Rudaki you find the National Library Firdusi, and this is the author of the Shah Nameh, the Persian "Book of the Kings" - perhaps you Germans, having read Goethes WO-Diwan, are more familiar with those name(h)s... And not far from the Prospekt there is also a House of the Tajik Poets!
North of Dushanbe there is the Pamiro-Alay mountain chain, hiding the long valley of Zarafshan which is the cradle of the Sogdian culture. The theoretical Udeuschle maxdist of both this pano and of N. 6004 points to a 260 km far 4600 m peak right in the Pamiro Alay.
In the name of Peak Ismail Samani you recognize the Persian Samanid dynasty, although the former denomination Communism Peak is hard to die. And, on the top of the mountain, now freed by a former Stalin statue, I found an orthodox icon of the Virgin!
The "derussification" of mountain names is very funny: Pik Revolutsy has become Istiqlol (freedom), the Lenin Peak according to a decree issued by the Government in 2006 should be called Pik Abu-Ali Ibn-Sina (that is our Avicenna, who wrote comments on Aristotle). On the other hand, the "Peak 30th Anniversary of the Sovietic Govermnent" and the "Peak of the 26 Commissars of Baku" survive indisturbed. The whole mountain chain is still named Akademia Nauk (Science Academy). On the other side of the Somoni Peak, the huge glacier, which is the longest outside the Polar regions, is named after the Russian explorer Fedcenko.
This man had to come twice to the Pamir to discover "his" glacier. Namely, the first time at the Kirgiz-Tajik border he tried to corrupt a police officer to get a visa by giving a watch as a present. But the officer had never seen a watch before, he charged the spring too much, such that after few seconds the watch was already broken. The officer got angry with Fedcenko and he did not issue the visa...
You can read plenty of these stories in books like "The lost heart of Asia" by Colin Thubron or "Buonanotte signor Lenin" by Tiziano Terzani. More on the mountainnering side, an unicum on these remote ranges is the volume "Forbidden Mountains" by Vladimir Kopylov, with the only drawback that it is no longer in print, and it almost impossible to find nowadays.
2012/03/24 11:49 , Pedrotti Alberto
Now that is something you can't see every day and not many of us will be privileged to see something like that ever in their life.
Thanks for showing it here!!
2012/03/25 19:40 , Barcud Revnik
2012/03/26 07:43 , Jens Vischer
2012/03/27 20:36 , Stephan Messner
2012/03/27 20:36 , Stephan Messner
Alberto, I remember that view, although if when I was overthere some days later the weather was worst...
Thank you for the details you always add about your panorama!
2013/11/23 16:03 , Edoardo Martelli
Yes, now on Google Earth we have truly colonized the mountain with photos!
From Camp 6300 my favourites are those of the evening before, since it is funny to think that while Maria Grazia was resting quietly in her sleeping bag I was outside desperately collecting sunset shots...
2013/11/23 22:31 , Pedrotti Alberto

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