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1 Kattegat.
2 Northwest-end of Sejerø, 29 km.
3 Ferry Havnsø-Sejerø.
4 Southeast-end of Sejerø, 19 km.
5 Nekselø, 9 km.
6 Sejerø Bugt.
7 Sjællands Odde, 30 km.
8 Ordrup Næs, 15 km.
9 Landscape of Odsherred.
10 Vejrhøj 121 m, 10 km.


Location: Højsted. (67 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2011-10-21
The landscape of this bay is rather typical for the danish island-landscape. On clear days the coastline of Sjællands Odde and the two islands of Sejerø and Nekselø are clearly visible. Driving around in Denmark a seaview pops up now and then, and gives a well-needed contrast to the uniforme agricultural management on land.

The danish waters are our most significant contribution to the worlds nature-heritage. They are relative shallow, and small islands are scattered around. The large area of shallow waters produces large amounts of various sealife, such as eelgrass (seegräser) and bivalves (muscheln), which again attracks large numbers of waterfowl, especially in wintertime. 60 % of the Common Scoters (Trauerente), and 30% of the Eiders spend the winter in danish waters. This area is a smaller part of that, but still both Scoters and Eiders are counted in thousands. The two islands furthermore houses breeding Black Guillemots (Gryllteiste), which is quite exclusive.

The pano was made from 5 RAW pics, developed with DPP, stitched with Hugin, scaled and sharpened with Irfanview.

50 mm lens, f/11, 1/320 sec, ISO-100.


Verry impressive panorama of this area and a perfect horizon.
2011/12/02 21:12 , Jörg Braukmann
Very beautyfull landscape, a very nice panorama.

BR Gerhard.
2011/12/02 23:43 , Gerhard Eidenberger
Well made panorama, with bright, yet naturalistic colors. Still reminds me why I prefer spending time in the alps... Cheers, Martin
2011/12/03 17:50 , Martin Kraus
Already well made, up to the darker right part. Only too much sky and too much meadow. And the whole also still so half and half divided. A closer and asymmetric cutout would be better.
The horizon is however not perfect as it said Jörg. The horizon of the Kategatt is minimum under that to the Sejero Bugt. It requires large expenditure, around to get as exactly as e.g. with my panorama # 7398.
The description is however very interesting.
2011/12/03 19:25 , Heinz Höra
Danke für die interesse... 
Hello Heinz. Before upload yesterday I had prepared a closer crop, but it was just too big a file...Now I have tried this crop, hope you like it. Looking in the sky I think is more "real-life"-like, so more sky and less field.

The darkening to the right is because of the transparent clouds that filled up the sky this day, and on this pano one was creeping in on me. This was also the last day with good pano-weather; since then highpressures have given mist for most of the time, and lately lowpressures have given storms and rain.

I'm sure one can always find out, that a "straight" horizon isn't straight enough; you will have to endure this I'm afraid ;-)

Looking at your Dornbusch-pano, I think there is a little tiny wave on the right part of the horizon, and it's a 50/50 division - but no offence, it's a fine pano (could have been from Denmark, seems very familiar). But being aware of the horizon is relevant; it's thanks you and the other experts that I myself have learned to handle it. As Heinz says on his pano, the control-points in the sky and nearby must be removed. Here I put points on the trees crossing the horizon, the islands and the far coastline. If there is no islands, you must use the land closest to the horizon.

LG Jan.
2011/12/03 21:05 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Thus looks substantially better. The two horizons in your panorama already are straight. But they must be also on same height.
My Dornbusch-pano is therfore a 50/50 division, because the lighthouse rises up so highly into the sky. Jan, there is a 360° panorama. If a wave were there in the horizon, then in another place an opposite wave would be.
2011/12/06 00:55 , Heinz Höra
Lieber Heinz... 
I know what you meant with the horizon; maybe I should have used the word "level" instead. I hope to get better with the horizons in the future; first you have to stitch it correct, and then you need to drag it just right. As a Hugin-user it's a hard time correcting it, since you cannot zoom in on the preview. Later I have begun to correct it as good as I could, leave the program open, create the pano and then view the finished pano in zoom. If it's bad then I try to correct it in the preview again, create a new pano and simply overwrite the old file. This is only possible up to a certain batch-size; with, say 30 pics, the process is very slow (and agonising).

This difference in the horizon-level you can also watch from time to time on Alpen-panoramen on panos over a "Nebel-meer" with mountains breaking the horizon.

Sometimes I think that also single pictures can have a curved horizon. I don't know to what extend it gets curved back when dragging in the pano in the preview.

Regarding your Dornbusch-pano I have made some marks in your pano on the both sides that you can check out. Just remove them when you have seen it. On my screen it becomes more obvious the more back-tilted my screen is. In danish we say, that the Devil is in the detail...I only see it because you brought my attention to the horizon. Most likely I would never see any flaws in it (and I do like it and the "lehr-stunde").

LG, and thank you for your effort, Jan.
2011/12/06 19:14 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Jan, the designation "level" is probably more suitably as "hight".

The problems with hugin are well-known me. I gave some references to it with the panorama #8779 of Jörg Nitz.

Single pictures with curved horizon? That is probably somewhat special.

I do not understand, what the markings in my Dornbusch-panorama are to mean.
Only with the marking on the top right a vapor trail is not perfectly stitched.

Cordial greets from Heinz
2011/12/06 23:43 , Heinz Höra
und äusserst gelungen Dein Panorama!
Und die Farben sind nicht schwerfällig rauschend,
nein, sie sind rein und pastellfarbig!
Gruss Walter
2011/12/07 17:51 , Walter Schmidt
Wieder mal dank an alle für die interesse... 
Heinz, sorry for not explaining...the markings are dots on what appear to be vague vertical lines through the pano. I thought it to be stitching lines, but maybe it comes from crompression of the file, or maybe I am just overdoing something. But I think, especially with the screen a bit back-tilted, that I can see these three lines - and the last one is going through the horizon. Thats what I meant, "wave" was a bad word. It just looks a little bit like a visible stitching, in particular the line before (with the vapor-trail). I don't see it on your linked pics (thanks for posting).

Best regards, Jan.
2011/12/07 18:26 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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