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1 Phaselis, antike Stadt mit 3 Häfen ca. 70Km entfernt
2 Tahtal Dagi (Olympos) 2366m
3 Mädchenspitze ca. 2600m
4 Kemer
5 Çam Dagi 1365m
6 Akyarlar
7 Delik Tepe 1215m
8 Sari Çinar Dagi 1811m
9 Taurusgebirge
10 Dastaratagi Dagi 1550m
11 Drehrestaurant 700m
12 Çalbali Dagi 1651m
13 Sivridagv 1413m
14 Antalya
15 Recep Çatak 2648m
16 Geyik Sivrisi 1715m
17 Karadag 1958m
18 Geyikbayiri
19 the ugly hotel


Location: Antalya/ Turkey (30 m)      by: Christian Hönig
Area: Turkey      Date: 31.03.2007
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Hi, I would have cut off this pano left to the ugly hotel at the right side (but maybe that it was your intention to include it for a special reason). The first frame of your pano is not sharp. Most digital cameras have problems auto-focusing on the low contrast sea. If I take shots for a landscape pano, I first focus to infinity and then set the camera to manual focus. Best regards - Daniel
2007/04/26 17:57 , Daniel Roth
Thank you for your well instruction.
2007/05/14 17:42 , Christian Hönig
Ich habe diesem Panorama einige Namen hinzugefügt
2017/05/20 15:16 , David Schatzman

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Christian Hönig

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