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Location: Reichstag      by: Walter Young
Area: Germany      Date: 17.08.2005
Three vertical photos joined in Adobe Photoshop CS2


Very nice vista, 
but some litle bugs and a false vote from me, sorry :-( ****: ).
Best reagards christian
2007/04/22 15:31 , Christian Hönig
Very Interesting Visual 
Good to see panoramas that are not landscapes. Difficult to accomplish - which is why we don't see so many.
2008/02/15 09:43 , Guy Furner
NICE!!!! The light is perfect, true that there is some little imperfections, but is a so difficult subject that is very complicate to do better.
Bravo! Daniele
2009/09/15 19:02 , Daniele ceccato Daniele1357

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Walter Young

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